Swimming at the 1932 Summer Olympics – Women's 100 metre backstroke

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Swimming at the
1932 Summer Olympics
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The women's 100 metre backstroke was a swimming event held as part of the swimming at the 1932 Summer Olympics programme.[1] It was the third appearance of the event, which was established in 1924. The competition was held on Tuesday August 9, 1932, and on Thursday August 11, 1932.

Twelve swimmers from seven nations competed.


Gold Silver Bronze
Eleanor Holm
 United States
Bonnie Mealing
Valerie Davies
 Great Britain


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1932 Summer Olympics.

World Record 1:18.2 United States Eleanor Holm Jones Beach (USA) July 16, 1932
Olympic Record 1:21.6 Netherlands Marie Braun Amsterdam (NED) August 9, 1928

In the first semi-final Eleanor Holm set a new Olympic record with 1:18.3 minutes.



Tuesday August 9, 1932: The fastest two in each semi-final and the fastest third-placed from across the semi-finals advanced to the final.

Semifinal 1

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  Eleanor Holm (USA) 1:18.3 QQ OR
2  Bonnie Mealing (AUS) 1:21.6 QQ
3  Phyllis Harding (GBR) 1:22.6 qq
4  Puck Oversloot (NED) 1:23.5
5  Misao Yokota (JPN) 1:25.1

Semifinal 2

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  Valerie Davies (GBR) 1:22.0 QQ
2  Joan McSheehy (USA) 1:22.5 QQ
3  Ruth Kerr (CAN) 1:28.2
4  Maria Lenk (BRA)

Semifinal 3

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  Marie Braun (NED) 1:23.8 QQ
2  Joyce Cooper (GBR) 1:25.0 QQ
3  Marjorie Linton (CAN) 1:29.1


Thursday August 11, 1932: Marie Braun was not able to compete in the final. She had to stay in hospital due to blood poisoning after an infection officially caused by a mosquito bite.

Place Swimmer Time
1  Eleanor Holm (USA) 1:19.4
2  Bonnie Mealing (AUS) 1:21.3
3  Valerie Davies (GBR) 1:22.5
4  Phyllis Harding (GBR) 1:22.6
5  Joan McSheehy (USA) 1:23.2
6  Joyce Cooper (GBR) 1:23.4


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