Swimming at the 1952 Summer Olympics – Women's 4 × 100 metre freestyle relay

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The women's 4×100 metre freestyle relay event at the 1952 Olympic Games took place on July 30 and August 1 at the Swimming Stadium.[1] This swimming event used freestyle as a relay, with swimmers typically using the front crawl. Because an Olympic size swimming pool is 50 metres long, each of the four swimmers completed two lengths of the pool. The first swimmer had to touch the wall before the second could leave the starting block; timing of the starts was thus important.


Gold Silver Bronze
Ilona Novák
Judit Temes
Éva Novák
Katalin Szöke
Marie-Louise Linssen-Vaessen
Koosje van Voorn
Hannie Termeulen
Irma Heijting-Schuhmacher
 United States
Jackie LaVine
Marilee Stepan
Jody Alderson
Evelyn Kawamoto



Heat One
Place Swimmers Time Notes
1  Ilona Novák, Judit Temes, Éva Gérard-Novák, Katalin Szőke and Mária Littomeritzky (HUN) 4:32.5
2  Phyllis Linton, Jean Botham, Angela Barnwell and Lillian Preece (GBR) 4:36.0
3  Rita Larsen, Mette Ove Petersen, Greta Andersen and Ragnhild Hveger (DEN) 4:36.4
4  Elisabeth Rechlin, Vera Schäferkordt, Kati Jansen and Gisela Jacob-Arendt (GER) 4:42.7
5  Maria Nardi, Fides Benini, Eva Belaise and Romana Calligaris (ITA) 4:52.6
6  Yasuko Oishi, Fumiko Sakaguchi, Misako Tamura and Sadako Yamashita (JPN) 4:54.0
Heat Two
Place Swimmers Time Notes
1  Jackie LaVine, Marilee Stepan, Jody Alderson and Evelyn Kawamoto (USA) 4:28.1
2  Marie-Louise Linssen-Vaessen, Koosje van Voorn, Hannie Termeulen and Irma Heijting-Schuhmacher (NED) 4:30.6
3  Marianne Lundquist, Anita Andersson, Maud Berglund and Ingegerd Fredin (SWE) 4:38.1
4  Gaby Tanguy, Maryse Morandini, Ginette Jany-Sendral and Josette Arène (FRA) 4:42.0
5  Irene Strong, Lenora Fisher, Gladys Priestley and Kay McNamee (CAN) 4:54.8
6  Nicole Guilini, Huguette Peeters, Irène Possemiers and Sybille Verckist (BEL) 4:54.8
7  Raili Riuttala, Ritva Koivula, Anneli Haaranen and Ritva Järvinen (FIN) 4:56.0