Swimming at the 1956 Summer Olympics – Women's 4 × 100 metre freestyle relay

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Swimming at the
1956 Summer Olympics
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Freestyle relay
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The women's 4×100 metre freestyle relay event at the 1956 Olympic Games took place on December 4 and 6.[1] This swimming event used freestyle as a relay, with swimmers typically using the front crawl. Because an Olympic size swimming pool is 50 metres long, each of the four swimmers completed two lengths of the pool. The first swimmer had to touch the wall before the second could leave the starting block; timing of the starts was thus important.


Gold Silver Bronze
Dawn Fraser
Faith Leech
Sandra Morgan
Lorraine Crapp
United States
Sylvia Ruuska
Shelley Mann
Nancy Simons
Joan Rosazza
South Africa
Natalie Myburgh
Susan Roberts
Moira Abernethy
Jeanette Myburgh



Heat One
Place Swimmers Time Notes
1  Natalie Myburgh, Susan Roberts, Moira Abernethy and Jeanette Myburgh (RSA) 4:26.8
2  Joan Rosazza, Betty Brey, Kay Knapp and Marley Shriver (USA) 4:27.3
3  Ingrid Künzel, Hertha Haase, Kati Jansen and Birgit Klomp (GER) 4:27.5
4  Frances Hogben, Judith Grinham, Margaret Girvan and Fearne Ewart (GBR) 4:34.6
5  Odile Vouaux, Viviane Gouverneur, Ginette Jany-Sendral and Héda Frost (FRA) 4:36.6
Heat Two
Place Swimmers Time Notes
1  Sandra Morgan, Lorraine Crapp, Margaret Gibson and Elizabeth Fraser (AUS) 4:25.0
2  Mária Littomeritzky, Katalin Szőke, Judit Temes and Valéria Gyenge (HUN) 4:28.1
3  Helen Stewart, Gladys Priestley, Sara Barber and Virginia Grant (CAN) 4:29.3
4  Anita Hellström, Birgitta Wängberg, Karin Larsson and Kate Jobson (SWE) 4:30.1
5  Hitomi Jinno, Eiko Wada, Yoshiko Sato and Yukiko Otaka (JPN) 4:35.8