Swimming at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Women's 100 metre backstroke

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Swimming at the
1964 Summer Olympics
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100 m men women
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1500 m men
100 m women
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100 m women
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Medley relay
4×100 m men women

The women's 100 metre backstroke event at the 1964 Olympic Games took place between October 13 and 14. This swimming event used backstroke. Because an Olympic size swimming pool is 50 metres long, this race consisted of two lengths of the pool.


Gold  Cathy Ferguson
United States (USA)
Silver  Kiki Caron
France (FRA)
Bronze  Ginny Duenkel
United States (USA)




Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Cathy Ferguson United States 1:07.7 WR
2 Kiki Caron France 1:07.9
3 Ginny Duenkel United States 1:08.0
4 Satoko Tanaka Japan 1:08.6
5 Nina Harmer United States 1:09.4
6 Linda Ludgrove Great Britain 1:09.5
7 Eileen Weir Canada 1:09.8
8 Jill Norfolk Great Britain 1:11.2

Key: WR = World record