Swimming at the 2003 Pan American Games – Men's 1500 metre freestyle

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The Men's 1500m Freestyle event at the 2003 Pan American Games took place on August 17, 2003 (Day 16 of the Games).

Ricardo Monasterio won the gold medal, breaking a string of 12 U.S. titles in a row. Before him, only other non-American had won the race, the Brazilian Tetsuo Okamoto, in the first edition of the Games in 1951.


Gold Ricardo Monasterio
Silver Fran Crippen
 United States
Bronze Chris Thompson
 United States


World Record  Grant Hackett (AUS) 14:34.56 2001-07-29 Japan Fukuoka, Japan
Pan Am Record  Carlton Bruner (USA) 15:13.90 1995-03-17 Argentina Mar del Plata, Argentina


Place Swimmer Time
1  Ricardo Monasterio (VEN) 15:16.98
2  Fran Crippen (USA) 15:19.63
3  Chris Thompson (USA) 15:19.64
4  Luiz Lima (BRA) 15:41.41
5  Andres Jiménez (MEX) 15:52.40
6  Bruno Bonfim (BRA) 15:54.84
7  Leonardo Salinas (MEX) 16:00.99
8  Giancarlo Zolezzi (CHI) 16:05.59