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Swim run.jpg
The transition from swimming to running
Highest governing bodyWSRF World Swimrun Federation - Switzerland constitutional meeting: [1] [2]

Italy- Centro Educazione sportiva / France - Fédération Française de Triathlon /

Finland - Suomen Triathlonliitto ry
NicknamesCSEN [3] / FFTRI [reference note] / STr [reference note]
First playedTwice September 2006 in Sweden - Solo August 2014 in Italy
Mixed genderTwice (Both male, women's, mixed teams), Solo (one man or woman)
TypeEndurance sport, open water. Running.
EquipmentPull Buoy, Poll Paddle, Shoes, Wetsuit.
Country or regionOriginated in Sweden, but races have been starting from 2014 in others European Countries (Italy, Switzerland and Norway), from 2015/2016 rest of Europe, Australia America and Asia

A Swimrun is a multiple-stage competition which involves participants running and swimming over a race course or loop-course that involves at least 2 transitions between the swim and run stages of the race.


In 2002, Anders Malm , the owner of Utö Värdshus (the finish line hotel of ÖtillÖ), his friend Janne Lindberg and some of his staff (the Andersson brothers) had a late night in the bar. They challenged each other – “Last team of two to Sandhamn pays for hotel, dinner and drinks”. Two teams of two started the next morning with the only rule being that they had to pass the three different restaurants on the islands between the start and the finish. The last team at the restaurant had to drink and pay what the team ahead of them had ordered for them. It took them more than 24 hours and they were too tired to party on arrival. They tried again the year after with the same result. They're referred to as Original 4.[1]

In 2006, Michael Lemmel and Mats Skott were asked if they could make a commercial race out of their crazy challenge. The first couple of years only 11 teams started and only two managed to finish within the time limits. They was: Petri Forsman, Ville Niemelä and Johan Hasselmark, Martin Sahlen ref). Then something happened and the teams learned that the only way to race is by not stopping, with constant movement. Unlike the original course set by the creators, Utö became the finish line while Sandhamn became the start. The race became known as ÖtillÖ (Island to island), Today the race is internationally recognized as the Swimrun World Championship for ÖtillÖ[1] and has been ranked by CNN as one of the toughest races in the World.[2] It was also later mentioned by one article as one of the toughest 1-day endurance races in the world,[3] and is currently the standard when it comes to rules and style of racing.

In 2011 the style of racing picked up the name "Swimrun", given by Erika Rosenbaum , one of the ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Championship podium finishers.[1]

In 2012 was the race with more than nine (3man/3woman/3mix) finisher teams and the years of the consolidation of the race ref.

In 2014 on August 3, the first swimrun race done in warm water Results was Aquaticrunner XTriM ITALY and it started . It is an individual swimrun race and not a standard dual-team race such as in ÖtillÖ. The biggest different between Aquaticrunner and the Nordic races are two: the Individual/Solo race (no team) and that swimming tools are not permitted (no fins, snorkel, etc.) with the exception that a pull buoy is allowed (Paddle starting from 2017). The Other races done outside of Sweden in 2014 was: Rockman Swimrun [4] and XTERRA Swimrun (stapped in 2016) both in Norway, Engandina [5] in Switzerland and Amphibianman in Italy (this was the first outside of Sweden done on May 10, 2014) [6]. Aquaticrunner 2014 was also the first Individual/Solo Swimrun done in the world and it was realized by Matteo Benedetti [7].

In 2014, the organisation World of Swimrun / Worldofswimrun (WoS) was formed (***) [needs 2014 Constitutional meeting]. World of Swimrun is a neutral, independent and global non-profit organisation: By swimrunners - for swimrunners, with a mission to bring swimrun to everybody and provide the latest swimrun news. World of swimrun also hosts the biggest data source on available and active races in the world.[4] (***) Please indicate the link of the Constitutional meeting or something to official of WoS foundation, facebook is not something to consider official]

In 2015, the world's first Ultraswimrun, the Stockholm Archipelago Ultra Challenge (SAUC) took place, and is considered the current (2019) toughest available swimrun race challenge in the world, stretching over some 250 km. SAUC is also the official Ultraswimrun open challenge. In 2015 the swimrun started in Russia with Individual and Team forums.

In 2015, the World Swimrun Federation was founded in Switzerland Constitutional meeting (Canton Ticino Switzerland - official language: Italian). The objective of WSRF is to discipline, organize, promote, advance and spread out the sport of Swimrun throughout the wide world in Individual/solo and Team formula. The scope is to promote and develop swimrun sport in the world in accordance with the principles set out by the Olympic Charter and in protection of physical and mental health of athletes, fighting doping in all its forms. The organisation is independent and global non-profit.

In 2016, SwimRun Australia became the first SwimRun not only in Australia but also the southern hemisphere, bathing the way for the growth of SwimRun in the Asia-Pacific region . Most swimrun races are completed in teams of two. Starting from 2016, there are some individual/solo swimrun in the world: starting from Italy (Italian Swimrun series 12 race swimrun italy), now 17 race (http://www.swimrun.it/race-schedule-2019/), Love Swimrun [8], Canarie Swimrun [9] and Portugal Swimrun [10], in Individual and Team (2) forums.

In 2017, In France, swimrun is linked to the FFTRi, as it is in Finland.[5] Others individual/solo swimrun on 2017 was Canada Canaqua Swimrun and Uruguay Swimrun.

In 2018, the worlds first book on swimrun was published Swimrun – The Guide to Swimrun Training & Racing, Stockholm, Sweden (2018) [6].In 2018 Aquaticrunner was the first individual World Championship with 22 nations represented and 250 athletes qualified. The world qualified was done in Fuerteventura, Madeira, Canada, Russa, Uruguay, Belgin, and Italy.

The international focus has been growing in the last years, and on December 28, 2018 there are more than 500 known races in the world, in 24 countries and on 5 continents.[7]

In 2018, ULTRA SWIMRUN ALPS wibsite was done. It consist in 127 km 4500 mt D+ (110 run and 17 swim), passing through to the alpine lakes. Actually it is the swimrun race with the maximum total elevation in the world.

In 2019, SwimRun U.S. Series Ignite Swimrun became the first SwimRun series in the United States of America with 5 races using the individual/solo formula.

Swimrun characteristics[edit]

What defines a swimrun is that its always carried out outdoors and in water where the goal is to go from a starting point to a finish point through a course with at least 2 swim and run sections. All the equipment that a participant starts with has to be carried all the way to the finish line, meaning swimming needs to be done with shoes. Even though swimrun urges participants to use flotation equipment, equipment larger than 100×60 cm is not allowed.[8] Swimming with shoes makes the kick fairly inefficient and breaststroke not so suitable. The flotation equipment keeps the legs at surface meaning a good crawl position can be maintained without kick.

Because of safety measures a swimrun competition is usually carried out by teams but there are several races where you can race individually.[7] There are three classes to compete in; either a men`s class, women`s class or a mixed gender class.

Given that swimrun is a cross-country race, there are no standards yet in terms of how far the total run and swim should be, or how many transitions there should be in a swimrun competition, like there is in sports related to swimrun such as aquathlon, biathle or triathlon.

A difference to aquathlon is that swimrun has at least two swim legs and all equipment shall be carried all the way. While aquathlon like triathlon has one swim leg and a transition station where shoes and run clothes can be put on and wet suit be left.

Swimrun Distances[edit]

The race levels vary in the world. There are no set race limits or race standards apart from having to compete in twos and as to what is constituted as a swimrun race. Currently the majority of races (2018) are spread among the following levels below (1st table).

The world standard swimrun distances are divided into 6 types, in accordance with the majority of available races including ÖtillÖ.

Standard swimrun distances
Level Race distance
Super Sprint <=10 km
Sprint >10.1 & <=20 km
Regular > 20.1 & <=40 km
Long >40.1 & <=75 km
Ultra +75 km
Multiday >24 hours

In Italy foremost, and few other European countries, a different distance scheme is used.

Individual swimrun distances
Level From To Race distance
Short 1/4/4 2/7/n <=5k
Basic 2/8/4 3/11/n > 5.1 & <=10k
Half 4/17/8 7/29/n > 10.1 & <=21k
Full 8/34/14 12/35/n > 21.1 & <=42k
Long 8/34/14 12/35/n > 42.1 & <=75k
Ultra 10/65/20 No limits >=75.1k

The races[edit]

Year Races Nations Finisher Events
2016 103 18 +/-7000
 Sweden Borensberg Swimrun, Sjö till Sjö, Utö (ötillö qualifier), Anglaloppet, Stockholm swimrun, Stockholm Archipelago Ultra Swimrun, Borås Swimrun, 50´turen 2 Sjöer, Infinity Swimrun 3h, Horfors Swimrun, Kustjageren, Vansbro, Höga Kusten (ötillö-qualifier), Årnes Swimrun, Kalmar Swimrun, Åstol Aquathlon, 2XU Island Challenge, Tylösand Aquathlon, Amfibiemannen, Wet rock race, Farleden, Farleden inomskärs, LED swimrun, Nordslingan Swimrun, Sjö till Sjö, Öloppet Swimrun, Skärgårdsutmaningen Swimrun, Karlstad Swimrun, Stockholm Archipelago Ultraswimrun Challenge, Karlskrona Swimrun, Marstrand Swimrun, Stora Stöten Swimrun, Idre Swimrun, Anglaloppet Swimrun, Moose2Goose Swimrun, 10 Island Race, Sigge tuna Swimrun, ÖtillÖ® Swimrun World Championship, Arlanda Swimrun, Tjolöholm Swimrun, Koster Swimrun, Lilla Astol Swimrun, Langholmen Swimrun, Sollentuna Swimrun, Snapphanen, GBG Swimrun, Hellas frostbite
 Italy Amphibianman® (Aquaticrunner qualifier), Conero Swimrun (Aquaticrunner qualifier), Elba Swimrun (Aquaticrunner qualifier), Idro Swimrun (Aquaticrunner qualifier), Swimrun Venice (Aquaticrunner qualifier), Umbria Swimrun (Aquaticrunner qualifier), Bologna Swimrun (Aquaticrunner qualifier), 2° Anfibia SwimRun, 3° Aquaticrunner® ITALY XTriM Border Lagoon
  Switzerland Engadin (ötillö-qualifier)
 Norway Swimrun Norway - To the worlds end, Oslofjorden Sprint Swimrun, Rockman
 Germany Paddle to the Medal, Rheinsberg, Allgaeu Swimrun, 1000 Lakes Swimrun (ötillö qualifier)
 England Breca Buttermere, Isle of Scilly (ötillö-qualifier), Love SwimRun Llanberis, The Broards Swimrun, Snowdonia Lyn I Lyn
 Scotland Loch Lomond Inch by Inch Swimrun, Hell´s Hop, Loch gu loch
 Ireland Breca Arranmore
 Denmark XTERRA Swimrun Denmark, Urban Swimrun (swimrun cup Denmark), Beach Swimrun (swimrun cup Denmark), Bornholm Swimrun, Lake Swimrun (swimrun cup Denmark), DGI Swimrun Rødekro
 Belgium Amphimann, Amphiman De Schorre
 Finland Midnightsun Swimrun, Porkkala Swimrun, Solvalla Swimrun (ötillö-qualifier)
 Russia Lake-to-Lake
 France Saint quentin Swimrun, Emeraude Swimrun
 United States Casco Bay Islands Swimrun,[9] Swimrun North Carolina,[10] Swimrun Virginia,[11] Mission Bay Swimrun
 Spain Costa Brava Swimrun
 Canada Mushoka´s Epic Swimrun
 Armenia Sevan Lake Swimrun
 Ireland Breca Árainn Mhóre Swimrun, Galway Bay Swimrun
 South Africa Torpedo SwimRun Cape Town
 Australia Australia Swimrun,[12]
2015 55 12 (counting England and Scotland as different countries, otherwise

11 nations)


Ö till Ö,[13] 4th Lake Swimrun*,[14] 10 Island Swimrun,[15] Amfibiemannen ,[16] Ångaloppet ,[17] Ångaloppet Sprint, Stockholm Archipelago UltraSwimrun Challenge [18] Arlanda Aquathlon,[19] Årnäs Swimrun,[20] Borås Swimrun ,[21] Borås Swimrun Sprint, Borensberg Swimrun,[22] Farleden,[23] Farleden inomskärs,[24] Hofors Swimrun ,[25] Höga Kusten Swimrun,[26] Idre Swimrun,[27] Karlstad Swimrun,[28] Koster Swimrun,[29] Kustjagaren,[30] Långholmen Swimrun,[31] Loftahammar Endurance Day,[32] Lyckans Swimrun,[33] Marstrand Open Water,[34] Marstrand Open Water Sprint, Nordslingan,[35] Öloppet,[36] Öloppet Sprint, Sigge Tuna Swimrun,[37] Sjö till Sjö Växjö,[38] Sjö till Sjö Sala,[39] Skärgårdsutmaningen,[40] Skärgårdsutmaningen Sprint, Stockholm Swimrun,[41] Snapphanen Swimrun,[42] Solvalla Swimrun*,[43] Stora Stöten Swimrun,[44] Utö Swimrun,[45] Vansbro Swimrun,[46] WetRockRace[47]


2° Amphibianman® Swimrun[48] 2° Aquaticrunner® XTriM® Swimrun,[49] 1° Tnatura Anfibia Swimrun[50]


Engadin Swimrun[51]


Swimrun Norway - To the worlds end, Oslofjorden Sprint Swimrun, Rockman


Paddle to the Meda


Breca Swimrun[52]


Loch Lomond Swimrun,[53] Loch Gu Loch Swimrun[54]


XTERRA Swimrun Denmark[55]


Amphiman,[56] Amphiman Sprint


Porkkala Swimrun[57]


Lake-to-Lake Russia[58]


Émeraude Swimrun,[59] Swimrun Saint-Quentin,[60] Troll Enez Morbihan [61]

2014 22 4 3574

Ö till Ö, 10 Island Swimrun, Amfibiemannen, Ångaloppet, Ångaloppet Sprint, Arlanda Aquathlon, Borås Swimrun, Farleden, Farleden inomskärs, Karlstad Swimrun, Kustjagaren Karlskrona, Loftahammar Endurance Day, Öloppet, Öloppet Sprint, Utö Swimrun, Skärgårdsutmaningen, Skärgårdsutmaningen Sprint, Solvalla Swimrun, Stockholm Swimrun


1° Amphibianman® Swimrun[62] 1° Aquaticrunner® XTriM® Swimrun,[63]


Engadin Swimrun


XTERRA Swimrun,[64] Rockman Swimrun[65]

2013 10 1 1948

Ö till Ö, Arlanda Aquathlon, Amfibiemannen, Ångaloppet, Ångaloppet Sprint, Kustjagaren Karlskrona, Öloppet, Öloppet Sprint, Utö Swimrun, WetRockRace

2012 5 1 900

Ö till Ö, Amfibiemannen, Ångaloppet, Öloppet, WetRockRace

2011 3 1 196

Ö till Ö, Ångaloppet, WetRockRace

2010 1 1 16

Ö till Ö

2009 1 1 16

Ö till Ö

2008 1 1 6

Ö till Ö

2007 1 1 4

Ö till Ö

2006 1 1 4

Ö till Ö


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