Swindle Island

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Satellite photo of the Milbanke Sound Group, including Price, Swindle, Lake, and Lady Douglas Islands

Swindle Island is an island on the North Coast of the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is located south of Princess Royal Island[1] on the Inside Passage shipping route. The small First Nations community of Klemtu is located on its eastern side across from Cone Island. Price Island lies just south of Swindle Island. Both are located within the Kitimat-Stikine Regional District.

Swindle Island is part of a volcanic center called the Milbanke Sound Group which includes several monogenetic cinder cones. Kitasu Hill on the western side of Swindle Island is a young basaltic cinder cone that produced lava flows that extend to the north.[2]


Coordinates: 52°32′00″N 128°35′00″W / 52.53333°N 128.58333°W / 52.53333; -128.58333