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Engraving of the Prodigal Son as a swineherd by Hans Sebald Beham, 1538.

A swineherd /ˈswnhɜːrd/ is a person who raises and herds pigs as livestock.

Swineherds in literature[edit]

The Swineherd by Paul Gauguin, 1888.

Swineherds in paintings[edit]

  • The Swineherd, a 1888 painting by French artist Paul Gauguin

Swineherds in history[edit]

  • Denewulf, Bishop of Winchester from 878 or 879 until his death in 908, began his life as a swineherd
  • Ivaylo of Bulgaria, a swineherd who spearheaded a peasant uprising and became tsar of Bulgaria (1277-1278)

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