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1.6.5-1 / 27 Feb 2013
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swingLabs was[1] a Sun open-source project proposing extensions to the Java Swing GUI toolkit. Available components included:

  • Sorting, filtering, highlighting for tables, trees, and lists
  • Find/search
  • Auto-completion
  • Login/authentication framework
  • TreeTable component
  • Collapsible panel component
  • Date picker component
  • Tip of the day component

The aim of the project was to experiment new or enhanced GUI functionalities that are required by Rich client applications. It acted as a testbed for ideas related to client side technologies.

Integration into Java API[edit]

Some successful project components were eventually incorporated into the core Swing toolkit for future Java versions, although API compatibility was not guaranteed. Examples of these are:

  • The GroupLayout manager in Java SE 6.[2]
  • Incorporation of the SystemTray in Java SE 6.
  • The new Desktop class in Java SE 6, which allows to launch easily associated applications registered on the native desktop, as for example : launching the user-default browser, launching the user-default mail client, launching a registered application to open, edit or print a specified file.


The swingLabs project was divided into several sub-projects. For example:

  • swingX: Provides extensions to the Java Swing GUI toolkit.
  • JDIC (JDesktop Integration Components): Aims to provide Java applications with seamless desktop integration without sacrificing platform independence.
  • nimbus: A Look and feel using synth.
  • swingLayout: Was the home of the GroupLayout manager before its inclusion in Java SE 6.
  • JDNC: Contained components to simplify the development of Swing-based rich client Java applications. This project has been replaced by the Swing Application Framework (JSR 296).
  • scenegraph: A library providing 2D Scene graph functionality to Java 2D, including Swing widgets. This library is used internally by the JavaFX Script language.
  • PDFRenderer: A PDF viewing library written in pure Java.

Project status[edit]

During the sunsetting of java.net in 2017,[3][4] the public repository for SwingLabs was deleted, effectively terminating the SwingLabs project.[1] Several repositories containing snapshots of the final development version of SwingLabs (1.6.6-SNAPSHOT) do exist, however:

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