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right hook
Also known asFrance France: Coup balancé

Japan Japan:

China China: 擺拳/拋拳

Thailand Thailand: Mat Wiyeng Yao

Myanmar Burma: Wai Latt-di

The swing is a type of hook, with the main difference being that in the swing the arm is usually more extended.

Swing's Target Area[edit]

Because swing has both the frontal & lateral vectors, swing can hit either front or side (or even halfway frontal in 45 degrees like cheeks or jaws) by choice. For example, some people get hung up on swing-slap hitting front. They claim swing trajectory is banana. Consider half a banana with its tip hitting front & middle. (Whether punch or slap, a swing starts at the side of the body; it doesn't start at the middle of the body, which is why it ends at the middle & front of the body.) Also, curve & circle are not the same; curve doesn't have to be consistent in angle-change. Curve's angle change can be different at a different point of curve, flatter or curvier. There's no such thing as flailing in swing. That's not how a swing is done. Jack Dempsey is a reputable source for arc swing hitting front.[1][2] The swing punching motion starts at Figure 22A (elbow bent, fist loaded at the side of the body), then the swing punching motion ends at Figure 23B (arm fully extended, fist punching front although swing can hit side by choice too).


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