Swingin' (Arturo Sandoval album)

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Studio album by
LabelGRP Records

Swingin' is a jazz album by Arturo Sandoval released in 1996..

The music is swinging with no Latin rhythm. The album has been cited as "one of Arturo Sandoval's finest recordings,"[1] and a "nice addition to the Sandoval library", but classic Sandoval rather than attempting anything too innovative.[2] The line up features clarinetist Eddie Daniels, tenorists Michael Brecker and Ed Calle, trombonist Dana Teboe and guitarist Mike Stern.[3][4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Moontrane"
  2. "Swingin'"
  3. "Moment's Notice"
  4. "Streets of Desire"
  5. "Real McBop"
  6. "Weird-fun"
  7. "Dizzy's Atmosphere"
  8. "Reflection"
  9. "Woody"
  10. "It Never Gets Old"
  11. "Mack the Knife"


  1. ^ All Music Guide to Jazz: The Definitive Guide to Jazz Music ed. Vladimir Bogdanov, Chris Woodstra, Stephen Thomas Erlewine 2002 "On this advanced hard bop date, the music is strictly straight-ahead without any Latin rhythms. .. Other highlights include the moody "Streets Of Desire" (on which Sandoval plays piano), the racehorse tempo of "Real McBop" (which has an impossible but impeccably played melody chorus) and Arturo's humorous use of the plunger mule on "It Never Gets Old." All in all, this is one of Arturo Sandoval's finest recordings to date.
  2. ^ Disk Quicks - CityPaper.net - Philadelphia City Paper "All in all, Swingin' is a nice addition to the Sandoval library, but don't expect to hear anything you haven't heard before. -Nate Chinen"
  3. ^ Jazz Times -1996 Volume 26 p 106 "Clarinetist Eddie Daniels is heard on "Swingin" and "Dizzy's Atmosphere ."This last tune and "Real McBop" ... Woody Shaw's "Moontrane" has a front line of Sandoval, tenorist Ed Calle, and trombonist DanaTeboe. Mike Stern's guitar on "Weird ...
  4. ^ Jazz Journal International 1996 - Volume 49 p36 "ARTURO SANDOVAL SWINGIN' Moontrane; Swingin' Moment's Notice; Streets Of Desire; Real McBop; Weird- fun; Dizzy's Atmosphere; Reflection; Woody; It Never Gets Old; Mack The Knife (71.19) Collective personnel: Arturo ..."