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Swire Properties
Industry Property
Founded 1972
Key people
John Slosar, Chairman; Guy Bradley, Chief Executive; Michelle Low, Finance Director
Parent Public listed Swire Pacific
Slogan Creativity, Vision, Professional Excellence
Website Swire Properties
Swire Properties
Traditional Chinese 太古地產
Simplified Chinese 太古地产

Swire Properties Limited (Chinese: 太古地產, SEHK1972) is a property developer in Hong Kong and mainland China, with its headquarters in Hong Kong. The company is a subsidiary of publicly listed Swire Pacific. Its head office is on the 64th floor of One Island East in Taikoo Place.[1]

Business scope[edit]

Swire Properties operates business in three main areas:

  1. property investment – the development, leasing and management of commercial, retail and residential properties as a long term investment
  2. property trading – the development and construction of properties, principally residential apartments for sale
  3. investment in and operation of hotels.


The current Chairman of Swire Properties is John Slosar, while Guy Bradley is the Chief Executive.

Keith Kerr, the former Chairman of the Company, retired in 2009.[2]

Hong Kong portfolio[edit]

The Company’s investment portfolio in Hong Kong totals over 17 million sq ft (over 1.58 million sqm) of gross floor area.[3] Pacific Place,[4] Taikoo Place[5] and Citygate Outlets[6] are the company's key holdings.

PRC portfolio[edit]

In mainland China, Swire Properties has a portfolio of approximately 13.6 million sq ft (over 1.26 million sqm) – the majority is under construction. It has five projects[7] in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. TaiKoo Hui in Guangzhou,[8] Sanlitun Village[9] and The Opposite House hotel[10] in Beijing are the best-known among them.

Overseas portfolio[edit]

In addition to Hong Kong and PRC, Swire Properties is also active in the United States[11] and the United Kingdom.[12][13]

Hotels portfolio[edit]

Swire Properties formed Swire Hotels[13] in 2008 to create and manage urban hotels in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the United Kingdom.


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