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Individual Woodtip Swisher Sweets Cigar

Swisher Sweets are flavored cigars manufactured by Swisher International, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida.


The company began in 1861 when David Swisher received a small cigar business in settlement of a debt. Back then, cigars were only a sideline for Swisher and his four sons, just one of many products that they hawked across the Midwest for the "rolling stores" or wagons. Today, Swisher International, Inc. is a leader in the tobacco business, accounting for one-third of the United States' cigar sales and is America's largest cigar exporter.[1]

Swisher Sweets were introduced in 1958.


Although Swisher Sweets are a tobacco product, it is estimated that as many as three-fourths of all Swisher Sweets bought are not used as intended. Instead, many people buy them as "wraps", or a receptacle for cannabis. Emptying a Swisher Sweet or other cigar and refilling it with one's own marijuana is known as rolling a "blunt". The explosion of the cannabis industry in the United States since the mid-2000s has more than likely contributed to Swisher Sweets being the top-selling cigar in America.[2]

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