1. Liga Classic

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1. Liga Classic
1. Liga logo (SUI).png
Country Switzerland
Other club(s) from Liechtenstein
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams 3 groups of 16 teams
Level on pyramid 4
Promotion to 1. Liga Promotion
Relegation to 2. Liga Interregional
Domestic cup(s) Swiss Cup
Current champions Brühl & Étoile-Carouge

1. Liga classic is the fourth tier of the Swiss football league system. The division is split into three groups of 16 teams, by geographical region.

Regional Format[edit]

Group 1 contains teams from western Switzerland, which is generally French speaking. Group 2 contains teams from Central Switzerland, which is mostly German speaking. Group 3 contains teams from East Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) which contains German and Italian speaking regions.

Two teams in total are promoted at the end of the season to 1. Liga Promotion, determined by a play-off competition involving the top 2 teams in each group. The bottom 2 teams in each group are relegated from this division to the 2. Liga Interregional, which is the highest of the Amateur leagues in Swiss football, broken down into 5 regional groups.

Some clubs in the two highest leagues in Switzerland have Under-21 teams playing in the 1.Liga and below. Such teams cannot be promoted from the 1.Liga, and should an Under-21 side finish the season in the top 2 positions, the play-off spot will go to the next placed team in the group.

Current season[edit]

The 2015-16 season will start on 8 August and will be named 1. Liga Classic.

Group 1[edit]

Group 2[edit]

Group 3[edit]


Season Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Promoted Play-Off Winners
1999–00 Chênois Wangen bei Olten Locarno Vaduz Wangen bei Olten & Locarno
2000–01 Serrières Concordia Vaduz None Concordia & Vaduz
2001–02 Colombier Schaffhausen Malcantone Agno None Wohlen & Schaffhausen
2002–03 Meyrin YF Juventus Malcantone Agno None Bulle, Chiasso
Malcantone Agno & Meyrin
2003–04 Étoile-Carouge YF Juventus Locarno None YF Juventus & Baulmes
2004–05 Lausanne-Sport Biel-Bienne Tuggen None Lausanne-Sport & Locarno
2005–06 Servette Biel-Bienne Tuggen None Delémont & Servette
2006–07 Étoile-Carouge Basel U-21 Red Star Zürich None Cham & Gossau
2007–08 Nyon Basel U-21 Baden None Biel-Bienne & Nyon
2008–09 Étoile-Carouge Basel U-21 Chiasso None Le Mont & Kriens
2009–10 Sion U-21 YF Juventus Chiasso None Chiasso & Delémont
2010–11 Meyrin Schötz Brühl None Brühl & Étoile-Carouge

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