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The Swiss Cup Basel (formerly the Swiss Cup) is an annual curling tournament held in October in Basel, Switzerland. It is one of the earlier curling tournaments of the World Curling Tour season.

Past champions[edit]

Year Winning skip Runner-up skip Purse (CHF)
2003 Switzerland Ralph Stöckli Canada Randy Ferbey 23,930
2004 Switzerland Andreas Schwaller Sweden Peja Lindholm 31,840
2005 Canada Randy Ferbey Norway Thomas Løvold 40,000
2006 Canada Brad Gushue Germany Andy Kapp 40,000
2007 Scotland David Murdoch Switzerland Stefan Karnusian 40,000
2008 Canada Brad Gushue Switzerland Ralph Stöckli 40,000
2009 Norway Thomas Ulsrud Sweden Niklas Edin 40,000
2010 Germany Andy Kapp Switzerland Christof Schwaller 45,900
2011 Canada Brad Gushue Switzerland Peter de Cruz 40,000
2012 Sweden Oskar Eriksson Switzerland Sven Michel 40,000
2013 Norway Thomas Ulsrud Sweden Oskar Eriksson 43,200
2014 Scotland Tom Brewster Switzerland Sven Michel 42,200
2015 Canada Brad Gushue Netherlands Jaap van Dorp 42,200
2016 Sweden Niklas Edin Scotland David Murdoch 40,000

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