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Swiss Football Association
SFV Logo.svg
Founded7 April 1895
FIFA affiliation1904
UEFA affiliation1954
PresidentDominique Blanc

The Swiss Football Association (German: Schweizerischer Fussballverband, French: Association Suisse de Football, Italian: Associazione Svizzera di Football/Calcio, Romansh: Associaziun Svizra da Ballape) is the governing body of football in Switzerland. It organizes the football league, the Swiss Football League and the Switzerland national football team. It is based in Bern.

It was formed in 1895, was a founder member of FIFA in 1904 and joined UEFA during its foundation year, 1954.[1] FIFA is now based in Switzerland at Zürich. Also UEFA is based in the Swiss city of Nyon.

ASF-SFV is the abbreviation of the associations name in three of the national languages of Switzerland. ASF stands for both French (Association Suisse de Football) and Italian (Associazione Svizzera di Football), while SFV is the German (Schweizerischer Fussballverband).- Romansh - It is abbreviated as ASB (Associaziun Svizra da Ballape).




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