Swiss National Time Trial Championships

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The champion's jersey

The Swiss National Time Trial Championship is a road bicycle race that takes place inside the Swiss National Cycling Championship, and decides the best cyclist in this type of race. The first winner was Viktor Kunz in 1993. Fabian Cancellara made the remarkable achievement of 10 wins between 2002 and 2014, and he is the current champion. The women's record is held by Karin Thürig with 6 wins.

Multiple winners[edit]


Fabian Cancellara


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1993 Viktor Kunz Roland Meier Albert Hürlimann
1994 Roman Jeker Beat Zberg Andreas Aeschbach
1995 Roland Meier Philip Buschor Beat Meister
1996–1997 not held
1998 Beat Zberg Bruno Boscardin Roland Meier
1999 not held
2000 Patrick Calcagni Bruno Boscardin Jean Nuttli
2001 Jean Nuttli Fabian Cancellara Rubens Bertogliati
2002 Fabian Cancellara Jean Nuttli Rubens Bertogliati
2003 not held
2004 Fabian Cancellara Fabian Jeker Jean Nuttli
2005 Fabian Cancellara Martin Elmiger Fabian Jeker
2006 Fabian Cancellara Simon Schärer Simon Zahner
2007 Fabian Cancellara Simon Zahner David Vitoria
2008 Fabian Cancellara Rubens Bertogliati Andreas Dietziker
2009 Rubens Bertogliati Mathias Frank Joël Frey
2010 Rubens Bertogliati Alexander Aeschbach Martin Elmiger
2011 Martin Kohler Marcel Wyss Mathias Frank
2012 Fabian Cancellara Thomas Frei Martin Elmiger
2013 Fabian Cancellara Martin Elmiger Reto Hollenstein
2014 Fabian Cancellara Stefan Küng Silvan Dillier
2015 Silvan Dillier Reto Hollenstein Steve Morabito
2016 Fabian Cancellara Reto Hollenstein Simon Pellaud


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1998 Milovan Stanic Sandro Güttinger Reto Lauper
1999 not held
2000 Fabian Cancellara Sandro Güttinger Franco Marvulli
not held
2004 Andreas Dietziker Simon Zahner Patrick Gassmann
2005 Michael Schär Simon Zahner Simon Schärer
2006 Michael Schär Thomas Frei Robert Odink
2007 Mathias Frank Marcel Wyss Nicolas Schnyder
2008 Marcel Wyss Nicolas Schnyder Dominique Stark
2009 Nicolas Schnyder Sepp Freiburghaus Daniel Henggeler
2010 Silvan Dillier Michael Hofstetter Lorenzo Rossi
2011 Silvan Dillier Lorenzo Rossi Grégory Hugentobler
2012 Silvan Dillier Patrick Schelling Gabriel Chavanne
2013 Stefan Küng Théry Schir Gabriel Chavanne



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1998 Karin Möbes
1999 not held
2000 Nicole Brändli Priska Doppmann Marcia Eicher-Vouets
2001 Priska Doppmann Karin Thürig Nicole Brändli
2002 Karin Thürig Nicole Brändli Priska Doppmann
2003 Priska Doppmann Annette Beutler Diana Rast
2004 Karin Thürig Priska Doppmann Nicole Brändli
2005 Karin Thürig Priska Doppmann Pascale Schnider
2006 Karin Thürig Pascale Schnider Franziska Röthlin
2007 Karin Thürig Priska Doppmann Pascale Schnider
2008 Karin Thürig Sereina Trachsel Priska Doppmann
2009 Karin Thürig Patricia Schwager Pascale Schnider
2010 Pascale Schnider Patricia Schwager Marielle Saner-Guinchard
2011 Pascale Schnider Patricia Schwager Caroline Steffen
2012 Patricia Schwager Jutta Stienen Andrea Wolfer
2013 Patricia Schwager Doris Schweizer Jutta Stienen

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