Swiss Nationalist Party

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Swiss Nationalist Party
IdeologyVölkisch movement
Neue Rechte
Political positionFar-right

The Swiss Nationalist Party (German: Partei National Orientierter Schweizer, abbreviated to PNOS; French: Parti nationaliste suisse, abbreviated to PNS) is a far-right völkisch political party in Switzerland founded in 2000. It was classified as "extremist" by the Swiss federal police in 2001.[1]

The party's course was initially imitating that of the 1930s National Front with a clearly National Socialist ideology[citation needed](dubbed "eidgenössisch-sozialistisch" by the PNOS) but has since been "modernized" in accordance with the vocabulary of Germany's Neue Rechte.[citation needed]

The party is not represented in any cantonal parliament. Its activities are mostly confined to the Swiss German-speaking parts of the western Swiss plateau. It has one representative in the municipal parliament of Langenthal, canton of Berne (population 14,300), elected in 2004. In 2005, another member was elected to the municipal executive council of Günsberg, canton of Solothurn (population 1,100).

They participated in the federal elections of 2011 in the canton of Berne, gathering 0.3% of the popular vote (1,066 votes), less than a tenth of the votes required to win a seat in parliament. They also participated in Vaud, gathering a total of 132 votes (less than the 50th part of the votes required to win a seat).


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