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The Swiss Society of New Zealand was established in 1935. The aims and objectives of the Society were to assist other compatriots requiring moral or other support, as well as to promote cultural traditions for the continued benefit and enjoyment of all.

Regional clubs[edit]

Within the Society there are also four regional Clubs (Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Taranaki and Wellington), each of which organise their own functions and activities throughout the year. Some of these activities include Jassen and a big hearty fondue.

Annual sporting events[edit]

There are organised sporting events for target shooting, bowling (Kegeln), cards (Jassen) and Steinstossen (shot put). As well there are also several performing artistic groups, such as yodeling, singing, folk dancing, and many other traditional activities.

Helvetia magazine[edit]

During the year the Society publishes six issues of the Helvetia magazine. The contents include news and photos of club functions and members, short articles submitted by the Editor, President and Delegate for the Swiss Abroad, incidental news items from Switzerland, and a section for membership participation.

Annual general meeting[edit]

Every year on the first weekend in June, the Society holds its Annual General Meeting. Apart from conducting the official business this time is also used to socialize, enabling people from all parts of the country to renew old friendships, as well as fostering new ones. It is always a weekend looked forward to by many and a highlight of the Society's annual activities.

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