Swiss Super Cup

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Swiss Super Cup
First season 1986
Folded 1990
Country   Switzerland
Number of teams 2
Last champions Neuchâtel Xamax
Most championships Neuchâtel Xamax (3)

The Swiss SuperCup was a match that was played between the winners of the Swiss Super League and the Swiss Cup. It was held from 1986 to 1990.


Year Winner Score Finalist
1986 BSC Young Boys 3:1 FC Sion
1987 Neuchâtel Xamax 3:0 BSC Young Boys
1988 Neuchâtel Xamax 2:2 p. 5:2 Grasshopper Club Zürich
1989 Grasshopper Club Zürich 4:2 FC Luzern
1990 Neuchâtel Xamax 1:1 p. 4:3 Grasshopper Club Zürich

Total Titles[edit]

Club Titiles
Neuchâtel Xamax 3
Grasshopper Club Zürich 1
BSC Young Boys 1

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