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Swiss Travel System is a brand used by the Swiss Federal Railways since 1989 or earlier[1] to promote a range of public transportation tickets[2] aimed at foreign visitors of Switzerland. By extension, the name is also frequently used by non-Swiss sources to refer to Switzerland's public transport network as a whole,[3] which does not in fact bear that name.

Travel passes[edit]

The Swiss Travel System offers various passes and tickets as detailed below. They are not available to residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and can be purchased at staffed Swiss train stations or over the internet.

Swiss Travel Pass / Swiss Travel Pass Flex[edit]

The Swiss Travel Pass allows unlimited travel on the Swiss public transport network (trains, buses, ships and tramways)[1] for a certain number of days (3, 4, 8 or 15 consecutive days), as well as free or discounted entry to most Swiss museums. Discounts apply to mountain transport (lifts, funiculars, cogwheel trains). Some mountain transport is free of charge.[4]

The Swiss Travel Pass Flex works exactly like the Swiss Travel Pass, but can be used to travel on 3, 4, 8 or 15 consecutive or non-consecutive days within one month.[5]

Swiss Transfer Ticket[edit]

The Swiss Transfer Ticket is a return ticket from the Swiss border or an airport to a destination. The ticket is valid for one month, but each journey must be made within 24 hours and by the most direct route. It is not available to buy within Switzerland.[6]

Swiss Half Fare Card[edit]

The Swiss Half Fare Card allows unlimited travel for one month at half the regular fare.[7]


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