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Swiss Venezuelans
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Mainly Caracas and others.
Venezuelan Spanish, German (especially Swiss German), French, Italian
Mostly Catholicism and Calvinism
Related ethnic groups
Swiss people,
Swiss Brazilians, Swiss Argentines, Swiss Chileans

In 1940, up to some 1,900 Swiss emigrated to Venezuela.[1]

Notable people[edit]

  • María Gabriela Isler, Miss Venezuela 2012 and Miss Universe 2013 (1/2 Swiss father; holds Swiss citizenship)
  • Joaquin Ritz and Melchor Grubel, who arrived in Venezuela in 1529 and 1535, respectively. They are the first Swiss who came to South America.
  • Juan Amador Courten, for his contribution to the fortification of Puerto Cabello.
  • The Brothers Guinand, who begin the great hardware business in Venezuela, dedicated to the supply of equipment for utilities and works of industrial establishments - aqueducts, power plants, etc.-.
  • Adrian von Arx, Swiss military man, adjutant general and personal friend of General José Antonio Páez.
  • Von Werdt, who contributed in the years 1890-1892 for the construction of railways in Venezuela.
  • Pius Schlageter, who founded the first company of lithographic art in Venezuela in the late nineteenth century.
  • Oscar Messerly, who helped found the "Venezuelan Society of the Red Cross" in 1895.
  • Henri Pittier, botanist, fighter for the conservation of natural resources, and whose name belongs to a major national parks of Venezuela.
  • Father Guillermo Emilio Willwoll, publicist and historian. Studied the influence of Rousseau's thought about Venezuelan independence movement.
  • Ernesto Wolf, lawyer and publicist, who gave their contribution to Venezuelan constitutional right.
  • August Braun, for his contribution to the care and maintenance of the Botanical Garden.
  • Karl Weidmann, conservationist, and who made one of the first documentaries on the Llanos, and is author of "Wildlife in Venezuela."


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