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Industry Technology
Founded 2000[1]
Headquarters Enterprise, Nevada, United States
Key people
Rob Roy (CEO, founder, chairman)
Number of employees
315 [2]
Website supernap.com

Switch is a privately held company based in Enterprise, Nevada. The company is the developer and operator of the SUPERNAP, data center facilities, and provides colocation, connectivity, cloud services, and content ecosystems.[1][3]


Switch Communications began in 2000 as a government contractor, owning and operating data centers throughout Southern Nevada and providing off-site server services.[1] Rob Roy, CEO and founder of Switch, is the organization's principal inventor and chief engineer.[4] Rob Roy holds 218 patents or patent-pending claims for SUPERNAP designs and engineering that have been Tier IV certified by the Uptime Institute.[5]

SUPERNAP Facilities[edit]

In 2008, the company opened SUPERNAP 7, a 407,000-square-foot (37,800 m2) facility.[1] As of 2014, Switch has built and is operating two data centers spanning more than 750,000 square feet (70,000 m2) and covering SUPERNAP phases 1 through 8. In 2014, SUPERNAP 8, a 350,000-square-foot (33,000 m2) facility,[6] received the Tier IV Construction certification from the Uptime Institute, the first certification given to a colocation facility.[4][7] Later in 2014, SUPERNAP 8 received Uptime's Tier IV Gold certification for Operational Sustainability.[4] That same year, Switch formed SUPERNAP International with Orascom TMT Investments to build data center ecosystems worldwide based on designs from the Tier IV-rated SUPERNAP facility.[5] The company is constructing another facility planned at 600,000 square feet for its SUPERNAP 9 and 10 phases.[5][8] Switch is in the process of building a 600,000-square-foot (56,000 m2) facility adjacent to its other site.

In January, 2015 Switch announced a $4 billion expansion plan to build two new facilities, the first a 3,000,000-square-foot (280,000 m2) facility on 1,000 acres (400 ha) at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center and the second, a second in the Las Vegas area. The company also announced a 500-mile (800 km) long fiber optic network to connect the naps to each other and directly to Los Angeles and San Francisco.[9][10][7]


Switch has more than 1,000 clients, including Fortune 1000 companies.[4][11] Users include Sony, Google, and eBay.[8][11]

Switch developed a purchasing cooperative to allow customers to collectively purchase connectivity and other services from the ten phases of its campus.[5] SUPERNAP facilities 1 through 6 have been sold, with network buying available for SUPERNAP 7 through 10. SUPERNAP 9 and 10 are under construction.[5][8]

Supercomputer Cherry Creek[edit]

In 2014, Switch announced collaboration with Intel and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to give university researchers access to a powerful supercomputer. iSupercomputer Cherry Creek will be housed on Switch's campus, with researchers accessing the computer through SUPERNAP's connectivity network to work in fields that include genetics and medicine.[12]

Innevation Center[edit]

In summer 2015, the company made a half-million dollar investment in a facility located in downtown Reno, Nevada. Called the Innevation Center, the facility is meant to be a collaborative center for students, entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors. The 25,000 square foot building was purchased from City of Reno.[13] Switch has also designed a 65,000 square foot Innevation Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.[14]


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