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Switchdigital London
Greater London 2
Licensed area Greater London
Frequency 12A (223.936 MHz)
Air date 26 June 2000 [1]
Owner UTV Radio
Website Switchdigital

Switch London is a DAB ensemble operated by Switchdigital; it broadcasts from a variety of sites in and around London (Alexandra Palace, Arkley, Bluebell Hill, BT Tower, Colindale House, Crystal Palace, Guildford, Hampstead, Harrow Weald, Hemel Hempstead, Leatherhead Stoke d'Abernon, Mount Vernon, Otford, Reigate, Richmond Hill, Shepherds Bush, Shooters Hill, Sidcup, Staines, Uxbridge and Zouches Farm). It has been on air since July 2000. It is also referred to as the Greater London 2 multiplex. In their application to the Radio Authority, Switch proposed using Brookmans Park as a transmission site in its SFN, but this has not yet been implemented.[2]

In 2010, the Otford relay site was replaced by the much more powerful Wrotham site in Kent which broadcasts at 5 kW.

Stations carried[edit]

Service Service ID Bit rate Audio channels Description Analogue availability
Absolute Radio 00s CDC1 64 kbit/s Mono Pop music from the 2000s
Absolute Radio 70s C1C2 64 kbit/s Mono 70s Music
BBC London 94.9 CC31 128 kbit/s Joint Stereo BBC local radio service 94.9 MHz (London)
French Radio London C0CF 64 kbit/s Mono French talk and music
Gold C8D3 112 kbit/s Joint Stereo Golden oldies station 1548 kHz (London)
Punjabi Radio CBCB 112 kbit/s Joint Stereo Punjabi station
Sout al Khaleej CFC1 64 kbit/s Mono Arabic station
Spectrum Radio CCC0 64 kbit/s Mono Multiethnic commercial radio station 558 kHz (London)
UCB Inspirational CFD0 64 kbit/s Mono LSF Christian service
Voice of Russia CCCF 48 kbit/s Mono LSF Russian service
XFM London C474 112 kbit/s Joint stereo Rock music 104.9 MHz (London)


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