Switchblade II

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Switchblade 2
Switchblade 2 cover.jpeg
UK boxart (Amiga)
Developer(s)Gremlin Interactive
Publisher(s)Gremlin Interactive
Composer(s)Barry Leitch[1]
Platform(s)Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, Atari Lynx, PC (Cancelled)
Atari Lynx
Genre(s)Platform game
Mode(s)Single player

Switchblade II is a computer action game. It was released for the Amiga and the Atari ST by Gremlin in May 1991, and for the Atari Lynx in 1992.

A sequel to Switchblade, Switchblade II is an action-platformer. The action is viewed from the side. The player guides the protagonist, Hiro, through six levels infested with mechanoid, metal-clad enemies. Weapons include a knife, homing missiles, a laser beam, a flame thrower and shuriken.

Although the game was developed in the UK, its graphics had a distinctly Japanese style, similar to manga.

Although reviews for the game were very positive, the programmer George Allen was criticized for the lack of enemies; as a result, he wanted to make a significantly faster game, which became the popular Zool.[4]


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