Switzerland in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

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Member stationRSI
National selection eventsNational Final
Mara & Meo
Participation summary
First appearance2004
Last appearance2004
Best result16th: 2004
Worst result16th: 2004
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Switzerland in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004

The participation of Switzerland in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest first began in Lillehammer, Norway, at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004. Radiotelevisione svizzera (RSI), a member organisation of the multilingual Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), were responsible for the selection process of their participation. The only representative to participate for the nation was Demis Mirarchi with the song "Birichino", which finished in sixteenth place out of eighteen participating entries, achieving a score of four points. Switzerland withdrew from competing in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, and have yet to make their return to the contest.


RTSI announced that the Swiss Mara e Meo contest would be used to select the Swiss Junior Eurovision entries from 2004 onwards.[1] However, due to financial difficulties, RTSI would be unable to participate in the contest without participation of other language broadcasters in Switzerland.[2] RSI confirmed on 5 July 2016 that they will not return to the contest in 2016 due to the cost of the participation.[3] RSI had previously confirmed their non-participation in 2014[4] and 2015.[5]


Table key

 1st place   2nd place   3rd place   Last place 

Year Artist Song Language Place Points
2004 Demis Mirarchi "Birichino" Italian 16 4
Did not participate from 2005 to present

Broadcasts and voting[edit]

Commentators and spokespersons[edit]

The contests are broadcast online worldwide through the official Junior Eurovision Song Contest website junioreurovision.tv and YouTube. In 2015, the online broadcasts featured commentary in English by junioreurovision.tv editor Luke Fisher and 2011 Bulgarian Junior Eurovision Song Contest entrant Ivan Ivanov.[6] The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, SRG SSR, sent their own commentators to the contest in order to provide commentary in the French, German, and Italian languages. Spokespersons were also chosen by the national broadcaster in order to announce the awarding points from Switzerland. The table below list the details of each commentator and spokesperson since 2004.

Year(s) Commentator Spokesperson
  • German: Roman Kilchsperger (SF2)
  • French: Marie-Thérèse Porchet (TSR 2)
  • Italian: Claudio Lazzarino and Daniele Rauseo (TSI 1)
Did not participate between 2005 to 2019

Voting history[edit]

The tables below shows Switzerland's top-five voting history rankings up until their most recent participation in 2004:

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