Sword of Blood and Valour

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Sword of Blood and Valour
Traditional 碧血劍
Simplified 碧血剑
Directed by Lee Sun-fung
Screenplay by Lee Sun-fung
Story by Louis Cha
Emei Film Company
Release date
  • December 3, 1958 (1958-12-03)
(Part 1)
  • July 1, 1959 (1959-07-01)
(Part 2)
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Sword of Blood and Valour is a 1958 / 1959 two-part Hong Kong film based on Louis Cha's novel Sword Stained with Royal Blood.


Note: Some of the characters' names are in Cantonese romanisation.
  • Cho Tat-wah as Yuen Sing-chi
  • Sheung-koon Kwan-wai as Wan Ching-ching
  • Chan Tsui-ping as Ah-kau (part 2)
  • Tsi Law-lin as Ah-kau (part 1) / Kiu Yuen-yee (part 2)
  • Ng Cho-fan as Ha Suet-yee
  • Law Yim-hing as Wan Yee
  • Shih Kien as Wan Ming-san (part 1) / Man Tsi-wah (part 2)
  • Ng Yan-chi as Wan Ming-yee (part 1) / Mui Kim-wo (part 2)
  • Chow Siu-loi as Wan Ming-see
  • Chan Yiu-lam as Wan Ming-wu
  • Siu Hon-sang as Wan Ming-tat
  • Ho San as Wan Cheng (part 1) / Wong Tit (part 2)
  • Lee Yuet-ching as Sixth Aunt Wan (part 1) / Mrs Kiu (part 2)
  • Chan Ho-kau as On Siu-wai
    • Wong Oi-ming as young On Siu-wai
  • Chan Wai-yu as On Tai-neung (part 1) / Suen Chung-kwan (part 2)
  • Ling Mung as Taoist Muk-song
  • Yeung Yip-wang as Muk Yan-ching
  • Yuen Siu-tien as Mute
  • Ko Chiu as Wing Choi
  • Ko Lo-chuen as Lung Tak-lam
  • Lee Ching as Kiu Kung-lai
  • Mak Sin-shing as Ng Ping
  • Yeung Fan as Law Lap-yu
  • Wong Chor-san as Ching Ching-chuk

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