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Swormville is a hamlet in the eastern part of Amherst and the western part of Clarence, New York, USA.[1]

Named after Adam Schworm, a prominent landowner and businessman who built a store on the Clarence side of Transit Road, Swormville has a population of 17,694.[1] Swormville was originally dubbed "Schwormville," and has also been occasionally referred to as "Swormsville."


Bavarian and French immigrants began settling in the Swormville area during the late 1830s following a heavy migration of German people and the subsequent separation of Alden and Newstead. The Rev. John Neumann, a Catholic missionary, founded the "Parish of the Transit", now known as St. Mary's. He used to walk to Swormville from his headquarters in Williamsville. [2] Immigrants from Palma and Motavia began to settle here in the 1800s as well.


The community is bisected by Transit Road, NY Route 78, an important north-south highway.

Swormville is located in Western New York and is northeast of Buffalo.


St. Mary's School, with grades PK-08, is a Catholic private school and the only school located in Swormville. [3]

The public school system is Williamsville.


Coordinates: 43°02′18″N 78°41′50″W / 43.03833°N 78.69722°W / 43.03833; -78.69722

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