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SyMenu appearance
Stable release 4.11
Operating system Microsoft Windows
License Freeware
Website SyMenu home page

SyMenu is a portable Start menu replacement hosted by UGMFree.

SyMenu is compatible with the Microsoft Windows O.S. and required .NET Framework 2.0.


SyMenu is a portable Start menu replacement so it can reside on your local HD or in any removable drive.

It can be customized in a simple and quick way adding links to portable programs, files, Windows commands, folders and web urls.

It's possible to access every single program mapped in host PC Windows Start Menu through the Host Program item or through a textual search engine too.

Main features[edit]

These are SyMenu best functionalities:

It includes three program suites through its SPS system: the SyMenu suite, the NirSoft suite , the Sysinternals suite.

It is able to install, link, update and eventually remove all the programs documented with the SPS format.

Start menu replacement: SyMenu offers a movable button to access all its features and linked programs and local programs.

Start Search bar: (Windows Vista/7/8 like) allows to quickly search amongst any SyItem configured on menu and every local program;

Extension Manager: allows to temporarily replace normal Windows extension associations with SyMenu custom extension association;

Autoexec: allows to launch a SyItem custom list at SyMenu startup or at closing;

Alternative execution modes: any SyItem could be executed in normal mode (Run) in RunAs mode (specifying alternative credential), opening containing folder mode and showing Windows file properties dialog;

Customizable shortcuts and gestures to run any configured SyItem;

Batch Import: allows to massive import new SyItems;

Treeview item: SyItem are organized into a hierarchical treeview. New item can be added by dragging and dropping executable file from OS. Item can be automatically organize in alphabetical order or dragging them from a container to another;

Plugin system.


SyMenu needs the following requisites to work:

   * .NET Framework 2.0 or higher (available for free at the Microsoft web site)

Supported operating systems are the ones in which you can install .NET Framework 2.0 that is:

   * Windows 2000
   * Windows XP
   * Windows Server 2003
   * Windows Vista
   * Windows Server 2008
   * Windows 7
   * Windows Server 2012
   * Windows Server Core
   * Windows 8
   * Windows 8.1

It doesn't matter if your OS is 32bit or 64bit version.


SyMenu is translated in following languages:

   * Chinese (traditional)
   * Czech
   * Danish
   * Dutch
   * English
   * Finnish
   * French
   * German
   * Hungarian
   * Italian
   * Polish
   * Portuguese
   * Portuguese-Brazilian
   * Romanian
   * Russian
   * Slovak
   * Spanish
   * Swedish

Not official languages:

   * Catalan
   * Chinese (simplified)
   * Greek
   * Japanese
   * Russian
   * Turkish

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