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Sycamore Smith is the stage name of Marc Smith, a musician from Marquette, Michigan. Smith, formerly of The Muldoons, has toured the United States with his comic brand of folk music, complete with derby hat, guitar, and gold-plated resonator kazoo. He is signed to Pentimento Music Company.

Though still little known outside of the Michigan area, since his stint as lead singer of The Muldoons, Smith has built a reputation as an accomplished lyricist. [1] [2]

Smith writes folk songs in an old-fashioned, vaudevillian rural style; songs about heroes and swindlers where characters including Wolfskin Rosie, Legless Paul, and Bobo have adventures that are at times triumphant and other times melancholic. Selections such as Hokum All Ye Faithful, a satire of Christian beliefs, give the impression Sycamore is atheist, though he is probably best described as an agnostic. Sycamore uses his first name when referring to himself in his songs (as in The Razor Ball).


  • You By Me: Vol.2 (2014)
  • Sickdom (2008)
  • Baboon (2007)
  • Sycamore Smith & The Pendulum (2006)
  • M...Some Racy Hits! (2005)

With The Muldoons:

  • New Low (1993)
  • DiM (1994)
  • The Wreck of the Muldoons (2001)
  • You Are Lost & Gone Forever, Dreadful Sorry, the Muldoons (2004)

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