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SydneyPLUS International is a Canadian computer company based in Richmond, British Columbia, with offices in New York and Los Angeles in the United States, and Nottingham in the UK. A private company, its staff is organized into research and development, client services, and sales and marketing.[1] The company offers products and services for library automation and knowledge management to special libraries, particularly law firms.[2] SydneyPLUS serves organizations and businesses in finance, government, legal services, life sciences, media, and resources.[3] In June 2013 it changed its name to Lucidea Corporation.[4]


The company known as SydneyPLUS International, founded in 1977, is the result of a merger of International Library Systems Corporation and Sydney Development in 1989.[1] A minicomputer version of SydneyPLUS operated in OpenVMS in the 1980s and Unix in 1993.[5] In 1996, the company offered a client/server product for Windows NT or Unix servers.[1] The company now offers SQL and Oracle platforms for client/server installations and an ASP hosted solution. The system is a modular design that lets users add on the applications that they need for their operations.[1] The President of SydneyPLUS is Ron Aspe.

The company acquired Cuadra Associates in 2008, developers of the Cuadra STAR family of products. It followed with the acquisition of Inmagic, Inc.'s special library business in 2011, including the DB/TextWorks Library Suite.[6]


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