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SydneyPLUS International, now known as Lucidea Corporation, is a Canadian computer company based in Richmond, British Columbia. The company offers products and services for library automation and knowledge management to special libraries, particularly law firms.[1]

Description of company[edit]

Lucidea serves organizations and businesses in finance, government, legal services, life sciences, media, and resources.[2] Lucidea has offices in New York and Los Angeles in the United States, and Nottingham in the UK. A private company, its staff is organized into research and development, client services, and sales and marketing.[3]

Lucidea offers SQL and Oracle platforms for client/server installations and an ASP hosted solution. The system is a modular design that lets users add on the applications that they need for their operations.[3] The President of Lucideais Ron Aspe.


The company was founded as SydneyPLUS International in 1989, the result of a merger of International Library Systems Corporation and Sydney Development.[3] A minicomputer version of SydneyPLUS operated in OpenVMS in the 1980s and Unix in 1993.[4] In 1996, SydneyPLUS offered a client/server product for Windows NT or Unix servers.[3]

SydneyPLUS acquired Cuadra Associates in 2008, developers of the Cuadra STAR family of products. It followed with the acquisition of Inmagic, Inc.'s special library business in 2011, including the DB/TextWorks Library Suite.[5]

In June 2013, SydneyPLUS changed its name to Lucidea Corporation.[6]


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