Sydney Catchment Authority

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Sydney Catchment Authority
Statutory authority overview
Formed 1999 (1999)
Jurisdiction New South Wales
Minister responsible
Statutory authority executive
  • Fiona Smith,
    Chief Executive
Parent Statutory authority Department of Primary Industries
Key document

The Sydney Catchment Authority is a statutory authority of the Government of New South Wales created in 1999 to manage and protect drinking water catchments and catchment infrastructure, and supplies bulk water to its customers, including Sydney Water and a number of local government authorities in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

The authority is led by its Chief Executive, currently Fiona Smith, who reports to the Board of the authority that is ultimately responsible to the Minister for Primary Industries, presently the Hon. Katrina Hodgkinson MP.

The authority was established pursuant to the Sydney Water Catchment Management Act, 1998 (NSW).

Objectives of the authority[edit]

The objectives of the authority are:

  • to manage and protect the catchment area and catchment infrastructure to promote water quality
  • to protect public health and safety, and the environment
  • to ensure that the water it supplies is of appropriate quality
  • to operate according to the principles of ecologically sustainable development
  • to efficiently and economically manage catchment infrastructure works.

The SCA's customers then filter the water the SCA supplies and distribute it to households, businesses and other users. More than four and a half million people, about 60 percent of the NSW population, use water supplied by the SCA.

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