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The Enmore Theatre in Sydney's Inner West, where the Sydney Comedy Festival was born

The Sydney Comedy Festival is an annual comedy festival held in Sydney, Australia.

Launched in 2005 as The Cracker Sydney Comedy Festival at a number of inner city venues, the Festival has grown quickly and now attracts 111,000 patrons every year at venues all across Sydney.[1] The Sydney Comedy Awards were introduced in 2008, to celebrate excellence in the Sydney Comedy Festival.

In 2013, the festival introduced The Sydney Comedy Festival showcase tour, bringing bits of the festival to towns all over Australia.[2]

Special events[edit]

The Sydney Comedy Festival produces the following current special events:[citation needed]

  • Cracker Night
  • Sydney Comedy Festival International Showcase
  • Sydney Comedy Festival Gala
  • Sydney Comedy Festival Secret Show

Special events in past years include:

  • The Mother of All Galas
  • The Great Comedy Debate
  • Chopper's ANZAC Day Show

Festivals by year[edit]


The 2014 Festival was held from 22 April to 17 May.


Awards were presented at the closing party of the festival as follows:[3]


The 2013 Festival was held from 22 April - 11 May


Awards were presented at the closing party of the festival as follows:[4]


The 2012 Festival was held from 24 April to 12 May.


Awards were presented on the final day of the festival as follows:[5]


In 2011, the festival held events at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney Opera House, The State Theatre, The Metro, The Factory Theatre, the Seymour Centre, Parade Theatres, The Hayden Orpheum, Riverside Theatre and many more between 11 April and 8 May.








Showcase Tour[edit]

The inaugural Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase brought the laughs to all corners of regional NSW and QLD leaving an audience of over 10 000 in stitches.[6] Touring over 11 weeks (July - September 2013) with 33 shows, the show visited the following towns and cities:


Comedians who have appeared at The Sydney Comedy Festival include:[7]

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