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The Sydney County Council (SCC) was established in 1935, as the authority responsible for electricity supplies in Sydney, Australia. It was formed by the Transfer of Electricity Department of the Sydney City Council to the new authority[citation needed]

Plaque on exterior wall of The Sydney County Council building with its Latin motto.

The entity was created in 1936, and was elected and controlled by the municipal councils of Sydney.

Between 1936 and 1952, it was responsible for electricity generation and distribution. The Electricity Commission of New South Wales was created in 1950, while Parker Henson was Chairman of the Sydney County Council,[1] to manage electricity generation across the state, and the SCC became a distributor of electricity only after its generation functions were transferred to the new bureaucracy in 1952.

From 1989, the state government began to wrest control of the SCC from the municipal councils, and in 1989, Sydney Electricity, a state government controlled corporation, was created. In 1996, Sydney Electricity was merged with Orion Energy to form EnergyAustralia.[2] On 2 March 2011 EnergyAustralia changed its name to Ausgrid. The retail business was sold to TruEnergy who changed its name to EnergyAustralia.[3]

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