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The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust (popularly known as the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust) is an organisation that operates several sporting facilities in Sydney, Australia.

The SCG Trust operates the Sydney Cricket Ground and Sydney Football Stadium at Moore Park in eastern Sydney. In mid-2008, its head office The Sheridan Building opened, making it the third building to erect in the Gold Members Car Park, alongside the Headquarters of Sydney City Roosters and New South Wales Rugby Union. Soon after it opened, (South Melbourne) Sydney Swans and Sydney FC relocated their Headquarters inside the Sheridan Building. In total, there are 4 different clubs from 4 different sports codes with their headquarters at the ground.

In 2007 the UTS-Balmain club formed a partnership with the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust and are now known as Sydney CC or Sydney Cricket Club or just simply Sydney Tigers.[1]


The Trust has commissioned 10 bronze sculpture statues to be placed around the grounds of the SCG and SFS. As of 2010 seven statues have been unveiled.

The first statue commissioned was of bowler Richie Benaud and was unveiled on 4 January 2008 by Benaud himself.[2] Rugby League player Dally Messenger was the next recipient of a statue which was unveiled on 20 March 2008 outside of the SFS.[3] A statue of the fast bowler Fred Spofforth was unveiled a year after the first statue on 5 January 2009.[4] Rugby Union and Rugby League footballer Trevor Allan was the next to be unveiled on 5 June 2009 followed by the Australian Rules Football player Paul Roos on 29 August 2009.[5][6] The next cricketer to be immortalised was batsman Stan McCabe unveiled on 5 January 2010.[7] In 2010 a bronze statue of Reg Gasnier was unveiled as the seventh inside the SCG precinct as part of the Basil Sellers Sports Sculpture project.[8]

Aside from the statues honouring sporting champions a statue of famous spectator Yabba was unveiled on 7 December 2009.[9] He is the only statue placed inside the grounds taking over two seats on the concourse in front of the new Victor Trumper stand.

Media Hall of Honour[edit]

In 2014 the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust opened the Media Hall of Honour at the MA Noble Stand's media centre with fifteen inaugural inductees:[10][11]

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