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Happersen as drawn in Superman - Funeral for a Friend

Dr. Sydney Happersen is a fictional character, a scientist and supervillain in the DC Comics universe. His first appearance is in Superman Vol. 2 #2 (February 1987).

Fictional character biography[edit]

Happersen is Lex Luthor’s personal assistant and a brilliant scientist who specializes in clone technology. He first appears in a storyline where Lexcorp attempts to scientifically deduce Superman's secret identity.[1] He serves as Luthor’s right-hand man for much of Lexcorp’s history and is privy to the majority of Lexcorp secrets, including the initial Bizarro project.

He is involved in the physical rehabilitation of the hero 'Gangbuster'.[2] Happersen oversaw the transition of Lexcorp from Lex Luthor to his "son" Lex Luthor II (actually a clone with the transplanted brain of Luthor), as well as the development of a second Bizarro.[3]

Happersen is part of the investigation team exploring tunnels underneath Metropolis controlled by Clawster. The other members are Lex Luthor, the current Supergirl and Dan Turpin. The objective is to find out who stole Superman's body from his tomb. An explosive device almost kills the entire group. They are saved by Supergirl's mental forcefield. Later, Happersen and Luthor discuss Westfield, the current director of Project Cadmus, as a suspect in the theft.[4]

After Luthor subsequently contracts the Clone Plague and is close to death, Happersen activates a series of emergency demolition charges designed to destroy Metropolis in the advent that Luthor lost control. Lex had wanted to use the devices to destroy Metropolis but declined at the last moment. Sydney fires them off anyway. Moments later he is slain by Lex's guards. The city is demolished.[5] It has since been revealed that Happersen cloned himself several times and remains a threat.

Happersen's equipment is vital in the limited series "A. Bizarro".[6]


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