Sydney Howard Vines

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Sydney Howard Vines

Sydney Howard Vines FRS[1] (31 December 1849 – 4 April 1934) was a British botanist and academic. He was Sherardian Professor of Botany at Oxford University from 1888 to 1919,[2] and served as President of the Linnean Society of London from 1900 to 1904.[3] He directed the publication of the Annals of Botany from 1887 to 1899.[3]

Education and career[edit]

Vines studied at Christ's College, Cambridge, obtaining his Bachelor of Science in 1873, Bachelor of Arts in 1876, Master of Arts in 1879, and his doctorate in 1883.[4] He became a member of the Linnean Society of London in 1885.[3]


Vines' works include:

Additional information[edit]

His parents birthnames were William Reynolds and Jessie Robertson. He married an Agnes Bertha Perry in 1884.[3] The Vines, Oxford was built for him.[3]


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