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Sydney Japanese International School (SJIS) (シドニー日本人学校, Shidonī Nihonjin Gakkō) is a Japanese international school located in Terrey Hills within Northern Beaches Council, New South Wales, Australia, in the Sydney area.[1]

Sydney Japanese International School is dedicated to nurturing student excellence, with world-class education, cross cultural immersion and expanded possibilities. Sydney Japanese International School (SJIS) fosters students' development through its unique bilingual and bicultural program. SJIS prides itself on the school's diverse community and international perspective. Working together in a caring and stimulating learning environment, SJIS maintains high expectations for academic excellence and extra-curricular participation, whilst offering strong learning support. SJIS students are encouraged to learn and grow in an enriched environment, emerging as confident global citizens, well prepared for high school.

SJIS offers two educational streams, The International Division (K-6) and The Japanese Division (Years 1-9). The International Division is open to students of all cultural and religious backgrounds. It follows the NSW (NESA)Education Standards Authority syllabuses while also providing daily Japanese language studies. The Japanese Division follows the curriculum as currently taught in Japan with an added daily 45-minute English language program taught by Australian qualified native teachers. The school is renowned for its second language teaching and learning in which students are taught to read, write and speak a language that challenges their cognition and develops greater problem solving, analytical skills and lateral thinking. Children develop genuine appreciation and adaptability in a variety of social and cultural contexts and exhibit greater tolerance and social harmony. With small class sizes, students are nurtured and encouraged to reach their full potential in each key learning area. Intellectual development is carefully monitored and a positive attitude towards learning is fostered through differentiated learning programs. A strong emphasis is placed on daily instruction in literacy and numeracy and students achieve high results in academic tests and competitions both internally and externally.

Japanese cultural events are special occasions which celebrate the School's cultural diversity. They include the annual Japanese Language Festival, the English Language Festival and the School Concert. Onsite extra-curricular activities further enrich and enhance class programs and include karate, tea ceremonies, Japanese calligraphy, cheer leading, soccer, guitar clubs, International Sports Day and debating.

SJIS is based in a peaceful and natural environment on 14 acres of land with excellent facilities including a purpose built hall, gymnasium, all-weather sporting track, smart wired classrooms, computer rooms, music rooms, library, art rooms, cooking rooms and science labs. Other features include an on-campus bus depot, extensive bus transport services from surrounding suburbs, a tuck shop, and a pre-school/day care facility on site.

SJIS welcomes enquiries for students of all backgrounds and provides an opportunity for students to become high achieving, socially aware global citizens.


In May 1969, the Japanese Society of Sydney founded the first Japanese School in Australia to provide the children of Japanese expatriates with Japanese primary school education. The original school was located in a church site in Lindfield, starting with a single classroom with 33 students. It was the first overseas Japanese School in a developed country. In 1971, the school relocated to the current site in Terrey Hills to accommodate the rapidly growing number of enrolments. Up until 1975 SJIS offered one stream of education for students in Year 1 to Year 9 which was the Japanese Government Curriculum, predominately catering for Japanese families. But in 1975 the school recognised a need on the Northern Beaches for a culturally based private primary school. In 1975, SJIS established a second stream of education, the Australian Curriculum for students in Kindergarten through to Year 6. The school purchased the adjoining 5 acres of land in 1984 for further expansion. Since then, further developments have continued. A 200-metre running track was completed in 1993. Three years later, a new double storey building complex was built for administration and additional classrooms. The International Division started a Kindergarten grade in 1997.


The school is on a 14-acre (5.7 ha) campus located 25 kilometres (16 mi) north of the Sydney CBD. It includes a soccer oval and a track field.[2]

The campus has 14-acre (5.7 ha) of and including a field track and soccer oval.[citation needed]

Classrooms include smartboards and telephones connected to the school’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system. The campus has computer rooms, science laboratories, and special subject rooms such as those for music and home.


Students are required to wear school uniforms. As of 2017 the annual school fees are $9,660 p.a for Kindergarten & $10,060 p.a for Years 1-9

Student body[edit]

As of 2017 the school has a total of 222 students

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