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The Sydney Roosters Juniors is officially known as the Eastern Suburbs District Junior Rugby League. It is an affiliation of junior clubs in the Eastern Suburbs area, covering the Woollahra and Waverley local government areas (LGAs), the northern parts of the Randwick LGA and also the eastern areas of the City of Sydney LGA.



The district currently consists of the following clubs.

Bondi United, Clovelly Crocodiles, Paddington-Woollahra Tigers, St. Charles Waverley.


The district formerly consisted of the following clubs.

Astra Hotel Knights, Bondi Junction Hotel, Bondi Royals, Bondi Sharks, Brighton Hotel Jets, Brothers, Coogee Bay Hotel, Coogee Dolphins, Double Bay, Dunbar United, East Randwick, Nelson Sharks, Paddington Colts, Paddington CYO, Rose Bay Rams, Tea Gardens Hotel, Waverley Waratah, Woolloomooloo Warriors.

Notable juniors[edit]

Notable juniors who played in the Eastern Suburbs District Junior Rugby League include.

Anthony Cherrington, Blake Ayshford, Bryan Fletcher, Craig Field, Craig Salvatori, Ferris Ashton, Ian Rubin, Jim Dymock, John Peard, Johnny Mayes, Kevin Hastings, Kevin Junee, Luke Ricketson, Luke Towers, Matthew Elliott, Paul Dunn, Ryan Cross, Sandor Earl, Shaun Kenny Dowall, Tom Symonds. James Tamou,

Turf wars[edit]

The new boundaries set out in the early 1950s.

When the Sydney Roosters first entered the NSWRL competition as Eastern Suburbs in 1908, the tricolours would become neighbours to fellow city counterpart, the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Anzac Parade separated the territories for both inner-Sydney clubs when the boundaries were first established the previous year. Souths' boundaries were based on the municipalities of Redfern, Botany, Alexandria, Mascot and Waterloo, while the Roosters' boundaries were those of the eastern municipalities of Paddington, Woollahra, Vaucluse, Randwick and Waverley. Many of these councils had then amalgamated, as demographic changes affected the inner and eastern suburbs of Sydney. Randwick Council has a western and southern boundary of Anzac Parade and incorporates all those eastern suburbs east of Anzac Parade, and these suburbs like Waverly, Bondi, and Woollahra were all part of the Roosters' territory since 1908.[1]

The new junior league boundaries set out in the early 1950s would take territory away from the Roosters, and hand it over to rival neighbouring club South Sydney.[citation needed]

In the mid-20th century, the southern half of Roosters territory within the Randwick local government area was handed to South Sydney. The NSWRL made this change to 'even the competition' as South Sydney's original heartland, around Redfern and Waterloo, had rapidly industrialised and de-populated. Rabbitohs stalwart S.G. Ball was a dual administrator within South Sydney Rabbitohs and the New South Wales Rugby League at the time. The Rabbitohs were in a highly successful period and had established South Sydney Juniors Rugby League Club in Kingsford, Roosters territory in recent times.[citation needed]

Debate still continues amongst rival fans as to how and why Eastern Suburbs territory, comprising suburbs with junior league clubs rich in talent and numbers in the Randwick and Coogee areas, was given to South Sydney. The Roosters expressed disappointment at losing some of its junior clubs, but the NSWRL would not waver.[2]

This was not to be the end of struggle for junior territory between the two inner-city clubs. In the 1980s some junior clubs such as Paddington Colts that were within Roosters territory became dissatisfied with Roosters management and affiliated with South Sydney.[citation needed]

After the Newtown Jets were expelled from the NSWRL in 1983, their junior district was eventually absorbed into the South Sydney junior district in 1987. With the tide having turned compared to the situation decades earlier, and the Roosters having a much smaller junior League than South Sydney, Eastern Suburbs at this time then made unsuccessful attempts to regain the suburbs on the same grounds used to hand the southern parts of Coogee and Randwick from Easts to Souths, that of providing an 'even competition'. The NSWRL, controlled at the time by a Board with a ruling faction of representatives from South Sydney (Terry Parker), Balmain (Keith Barnes), Canterbury (Peter Moore) and Manly (Ken Arthurson), refused to redraw the boundaries.[citation needed]

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