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Sydney Turner (2 April 1814 - 26 June 1879) was an Anglican clergyman, Dean of Ripon [1] from December 1875 [2] until March 1876.[3] He was born in 1814,[4] the youngest son of the historian Sharon Turner, and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge.[5] He was ordained in 1837 and became a curate at Christ Church, Southwark. He was for many years an Inspector of Industrial and Reformatory Schools.[6] He was Chaplain to the Philanthropic Society for the reformation of juvenile offenders from 1842 to 1857. An Inspector of prisons from 1858 to 1867,[5] in 1858 he delivered a sermon to open the meeting of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science.[7] He was Rector of Hempsted from 1867 to 1875, and again (after his brief spell as Dean of Ripon) from 1876 until his death[5]

He died on 26 June 1879.[4]


  • Report on the system and arrangements of "La colonie agricole" at Mettray, 1846
  • Reformatory Schools. A Letter to C. B. Adderley, Esq., M.P, 1848
  • Pray for us : a farewell sermon, preached in the Philanthropic Society's Chapel, St. George's Fields, on Sunday, April 16, 1849, 1849
  • First report of the inspector appointed, under the provisions of the Act 5 & 6 Will.IV.c.38, to visit the different reformatory schools of Great Britain, 1858


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Church of England titles
Preceded by
Hugh Boyd M‘Neile
Dean of Ripon
1875 – 1876
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