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The Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultramarathon was an annual ultramarathon foot race held between 1983 and 1991. It was sponsored by the Westfield Group, with the start being at Westfield Parramatta shopping centre and the finish at Westfield Doncaster shopping centre (formerly known as "Doncaster Shoppingtown").

The 960-kilometre (600 mi), five-day event was regarded as one of the toughest in the world. It was particularly notable for having been won in 1983 by Cliff Young, an almost unknown 61-year-old potato farmer from Beech Forest, Victoria. The record is held by Yiannis Kouros: 5d 02h 27m.[1]

The final running of the event included prize money ($60,000 for first place), a handicapping system and a change to the course. It ceased being held when the Westfield Group withdrew its support.



  1. Cliff Young: 5d 15h 04m
  2. George Perdon: 6d 01h 00m
  3. Siggy Bauer: 6d 05h 00m


  1. Geoff Molloy: 6d 04h 02m
  2. John Hughes: 6d 06h 00m
  3. Wal McCrorie: 6d 16h 21m


  1. Yiannis Kouros: 5d 05h 07m[1]
  2. Siggy Bauer: 6d 05h 46m
  3. Brian Bloomer: 6d 17h 20m


  1. Dusan Mravlje [sl]: 6d 12h 38m
  2. Brian Bloomer: 7d 04h 53m
  3. Patrick Macke: 7d 13h 02m


  1. Yiannis Kouros: 5d 14h 47m
  2. Patrick Macke: 6d 17h 21m
  3. Dick Tout: 6d 22h 19m


  1. Yiannis Kouros: 5d 19h 14m
  2. Dick Tout: 6d 11h 18m
  3. Dusan Mravlje: 6d 14h 10m


  1. Yiannis Kouros: 5d 02h 27m
  2. David Standeven: 5d 13h 55m
  3. Kevin Mansell: 5d 22h 59m


  1. Yiannis Kouros: 5d 23h 55m
  2. Bryan Smith: 6d 09h 45m
  3. Peter Quirk: 6d 11h 40m


  1. Bryan Smith: 6d 12h 50m (24h handicap)
  2. Tony Collins: 7d 04h 17m (12h handicap)
  3. Andrew Law: 7d 09h 32m (12h handicap)
  4. Maurice Taylor: 6d 23h 22m (24h handicap)
  5. Kevin Mansell: 7d 02h 26m (24h handicap)


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  • Essam, Phil (September 2002) [Composed 1999]. I've finally found my hero The story of the Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathons (1983 to 1991) (PDF). Self-published; Freely available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.