Syed Ali Nasir Saeed Abaqati

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Syed Ali Nasir Saeed Abaqati Musavi
Agha Roohi
Syed Ali Nasir Saeed Abaqati 2010-12-21 Sheikhpur.jpg
Agha Roohi addressing a Majlis
Title Hujjatul Islam
Born India - Lucknow, India
Ethnicity Indian
Kintoori Musavi Sayyid
Era Modern era
Religion Islam
Jurisprudence Ja`fari
Creed Usuli Twelver Shi`a Islam

Syed Ali Nasir Saeed Abaqati Musavi, better known as Agha Roohi, is a leading Shia cleric from Lucknow, India.

Family background[edit]

Maulana Syed Ali Nasir Saeed Abaqati popularly known as Agha Roohi is a Shia scholar from Lucknow, India and hails from the eminent family of Ayatullah Syed Mir Hamid Hussain Musavi whose book `Abaqat al'anwar fi imamat al 'A'immat al'athar is popular among Twelver Shi'a scholars worldwide, and quoted even today.[1]

He belongs to the lineage of Mufti Syed Mohammad Quli Khan Kinturi.,[2][3][4]

His family is renowned and respected in Lucknow, where his father Saeed-ul-Millat Maulana Syed Mohammad Saeed and grandfather Maulana Syed Nasir-ul-Millat enjoyed much respect in their lifetimes. His ancestral town is Kintoor, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh and he traces his lineage to the Prophet of Islam via Imam Musa al-Kazim, hence the name "Musavi".[5]

He is the first cousin of khateeb ul imaan, sher e Hindustan marhoom Tahir Jarwali.

He has two younger brothers Syed Husain Nasir Saeed Abaqati and Maulana Syed Sajjad Nasir Saeed Abaqati. He has two sons Syed Abbas Nasir Saeed Abaqati and Syed Murtaza Nasir Saeed Abaqati and currently resides in the famous Nasirya Library in Lucknow.

His majalis (religious lectures)[edit]

He recites the ashra-e-majalis (religious lecture to commemorate the Martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain, spanning ten days) at Shia PG College (at Victoria Street in Nakhas) in morning and at Agha Mahal in evening.[6]

Maulana Agha Roohi is an exponent of Tabarra, openly curse the enemies of Hussainiyat, the killers of Hazrat Imam Hussain.

Involvement in community matters, demonstrations and rallies[edit]

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