Syed Ameen Badasha

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Hazrath Syed Ameen Badasha
Syed ameen badasha.jpg
Religion Islam
Sect Sunni Hanafi
Senior posting
Based in Guntur, India
Predecessor Hazrat Sadullah Sha
Religious career
Profession Author
Website [1]

Hazrath Syed Ameen Badasha also known as Khwaja e Guntur, was a renowned Muslim Sufi, saint and scholar of the Quadri, Chisti order from Indian sub continent. He was the disciple and the Qalifa-e-kamil of Sadulla Sha Almaroof Kamali Sha Who was the Qalifa e kamil of Peer Gousi Sha Akbari (حضرت مولانا غوثى شاه). He is one of the most celebrated Sufis produced by India in the 20th century. He is one of the Shaik-Kamil among the masses of South India, particularly Coastal Andhra.


He was one of the descendants of the family of Gouse e Aazam who was the Grand son of the Islamic prophet Mohammed. He was born in Qadri Syed family in the 20th century. He is the 23rd grand son of Ghousul Azam. After Quranic and high school education he joined as ACTO in commercial tax office for livelihood. In few years (after the life settlements of his children) he stopped service of commercial tax office. And started muzahida(s) at several mosques with a servant Mustafa saheb. He had not got baith at father, or at any other family members due to minority of age. After the success of muzahida(s) he had got baith. Sadullah sha saheb took him into baiyat and awarded khilafath instantly. After the Ceremony of Baith and Qilafat, when Shadullah sha saheb was in return to Nizamabad, he titled also as Wazoodisha by his peer o murshid.The long desire of becoming disciple of Abdullah sha Saheb ( محدث دكن ابلحسنات سيد عبدالله شاه نقشبندى قادرى) was came in to practical in once dream. Then he send his servant Mustafa saheb, at to Hazarat Mohaddis e Deccan, and got shazra signed by Hazarat Abdullah sha Saheb Mujadadi.


Approximately 4 thousand people were his disciples through all over India.In the disciples many followers were educated. His disciples has spread his teachings throughout India .


  1. Wajoodisha
  2. Shaik us Zaman
  3. Nayab e Gouse O Khwaja
  4. Khwaja-e-Guntur

Family Tree

  • Syedna Shaik Abdul Qadar Jilani (Rz)
  • Hazarat syed sha Abdul Razzak Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Shahabuddin Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Bahawuddin Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Sadarul Haq Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Rukne aalam Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Sadruddin Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Ruknul haq Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Shamsul haq Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Habibullah Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Badrul haq Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Noorul haq Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Sirajul haq Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Ziaul haq Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Aamanullah Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Mohammad vali Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Gulam rasool Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Fariduddin Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Hasan ali sha Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Mustafa Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Ameenuddin Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Abdul Razak Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Ameenuddin Qadri
  • Hazarat syed Gouse ali sha Qadri
  • Hazarat syed sha Ameen badasah Qadri


  1. Jazbat-e-Wajoodiya
  2. Jeeva Mruta Sanjivani (Telugu)
  3. World Peace

Prediction of his own death

Hazarat predicted that he would die in two days . His prediction came true . He has buried at Auto Nagar, Guntur, A.P, India, where the Tomb is located. Sandal Shareef of Hazarat celebrates on 7 th day Morning of the Month "Safar".


His spiritual and intellectual legacy is carried forward only by his disciples . After him, his spiritual lineage was not carried forward in any way.

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