Syed Bande Ali Husaini

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Qazi Maulana Syed Bande Ali Husaini (1816–1871) was the last (Urdu: قاضى القضاةQazi-ul-Quzaat) "Islamic Chief Justice" of the Islamic Judiciary System in Banaras, India.

The Islamic judiciary system in Banaras was established by Husaini's ancestors 340 years ago (around 1659/1661) during the reign of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. It lasted for more than two centuries till the British Empire rule (around 1867/1870) during the reign of British Queen Alexandrina Victoria the Empress of India. Maulana Husaini was awarded the title of Khan Bahadur by the Queen and all his works were appreciated by her.

The First Qazi-ul-Quzaat of this system was his forefather Qazi Maulana Syed Inayatullah Husaini (1613–1685), who was the class mate of King Aurangzeb and their tutor was a prominent religious scholar of that time known as Mulla Jeewan who was the Royal Ataleeq of Mughal Empire. Qazi Syed Bande Ali had notable efforts towards the establishment of the First Shia Religious Seminary of Indian sub-continent named Jamia-e-Imania Banaras which was founded on his proposal by a visionary landlord of that time Moulvi Khursheed Ali Khan in 1866/1283 (A.H.) and he was the one who provided an escape of land in the city area for this purpose and the construction work of its premises was completed under his supervision in 1870/1287 (A.H.).


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