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The Syed Kasran is a village with a population of about 10,000. The village was built by two brothers who came from Gujrat, Syed Muhammad and Syed Mehmood, son of Zain ul Abideen. They came to this region at the request of Raja Sarang wal e Rawat (though this is unproven). They belonged to the Syed family, which the village is named after. It has a Mazaahar of Hazrat Shah Nazar and Shah Diwan Kazmi.

Syed Kasran
Union council
Rawalpindi District Sub Div.svg
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Rawalpindi
Tehsil Gujar Khan

Syed Kasran (Urdu: سيّدكسراں‎) also Syed is a town in Gujar Khan Tehsil Punjab, Pakistan. Syed Kasran is also chief town of Union Council Syed Kasran which is an administrative subdivision of the Tehsil.[1]


  1. ^ Saiyid Kasran The village is located on the Potohar (Potwar) Plateau, 40 km (25 m) south of Rawalpindi and some 30 km (19 m) north of the famous Salt Range, a series of hills and low mountains between the valleys of the Indus and Jhelum rivers. Syed Kasran (marked with → on big map) actually consists of two parts: Syed (or: Syed; earlier: Sayyad, Sayyed) and Kasran (or: Kasrān), 2 km (1,3 m) apart from each other. The Syed Kasran Railway Station (now closed) used to be located 3 km (2 m) north of Syed on the Mandra-Chakwal railway track of the North Western Railway (see Rawalpindi District maps). Maps Syed Kasran 2007 (Punjab, Pakistan, 150 kb) Rawalpindi District 1955 (US army map service, 880 kb) Towns & Unions in the City District of Rawalpindi - Government of Pakistan