Syed Tatheer Hussain Zaidi

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Syed Tatheer Hussain Zaidi
Religion Islam
Born (1956-01-01) January 1, 1956 (age 59)
Lahore, Pakistan
Senior posting
Based in  Pakistan
Title Islamic Scholar, professor , writer
Period in office 1990–present
Religious career
Post Islamic scholar
Website Official Website

Syed Tatheer Hussain Zaidi is a professor, scholar, writer and social worker from Pakistan. Syed is known, in public, for his humble attitude and having a modern approach in solving theological problems.


Syed Tatheer Hussain Zaidi was born on January 1, 1956 in Pakistan. He graduated in Economics and Statistics from Civil Line College in Lahore. Due to his devotion towards religion, He took admission in Hawza Elmiye Jaamia Al Muntazir. After completing his studies in Jamia, He Moved to Qum, Iran and completed his Dars-e-Kharij (Higher Studies equivalent to a PhD). While at Jamia, he held the record for the highest marks in Islamic philosophy.


Dr. Zaidi is the principal of the Baqiatullah, a project of Jamia-Al-Muntazir. The project director is Ayatollah Hafiz Riaz Hussain Najafi.

Baqiatullah is offering following programs

  • Mo'baligh Course (English)
  • Mo'baligh Course (Urdu)
  • Sunday Classes For Officers
  • Dars -e- Nizami
  • Hifz Classes

Family background[edit]

Zaidi is the youngest child of Syed Nazeer Hussain, a government servant, who has four sons and two daughters. His eldest brother was in the armed forces, the second was a businessman and the third is a zonal manager in a multinational chemical manufacturing company.

Areas focused[edit]

The most of the speeches made by him are on the topics of belief in Almighty Allah, insaniyat (humanities), relationships, peace, philosophy, ethics and theology.


  • Radio Pakistan

He is attached to the Radio Pakistan from more than a decade. He expresses his views in Siratul Mustaqem (a program which is weekly on aired from Lahore Station).

  • Pakistan Television Network

He appeared in PTV Programs hosted by Wasi Shah and expressed his views.


Tatheer Zaidi is the author of the books, which are published by AL KAREEM Publishers, Lahore.

  1. Guldasta Ikhlaq [100+ Speeches of Radio Pakistan]
  2. Adbab-e-Islami [Etiquettes in Islam]
  3. Arkan-e-Insaniat [Deeds which makes the man, HUMAN]
  4. Arkan-e-Zid'day Insaniat [Things which are against the humanism.]
  5. Taleem Ul Quran [Approximately 2500 Hadith related to verses]
  6. Dushman-e-Insan [The worst enemy of human beings]
  7. Ausaf-e-Elahi [5000+ Characteristics of God]
  8. Rahay Hidayat [Topic wise Collection of Verses and Hadith]
  9. Shan-e-Nazool [Selected Verses and their purpose of Revelation]
  10. Namaz Zakat wa Khums [Quran,Hadith & Theological Problem]
  11. Roza [Quran,Hadith & Theological Problem]
  12. Hajj [Quran,Hadith,Theological Problem & Ziarat + Hajj Card.]
  13. Taleem ul Rasool [Compiled 3500 Hadiths in one Volume]
  14. Taleem ul Imam Vol. 1 [Compiled Most of the farameen in Two Volumes]
  15. Taleem ul Imam Vol. 2 [Compiled Most of the farameen in Two Volumes]
  16. Naiki Aur Baddi [Detailed discussion on NAIKI and BADDI and its effect on society]
  17. Alim-o-Amal [Discussion of importance of Amal along with Alim]
  18. Gunnah Ki Toba [How to beg pardon for the sins]
  19. Dunya Aur Akhrat [Brief view of this world and world hereafter]

Translation of Books in English[edit]

  • Islamic Etiquettes [Adab-e-Iskami]
  • Appreciation of Revelation [Shan-e-Nazool]
  • Elements of Humanism [Arkan-e-Insaniat]

Cover Gallery[edit]

Taleem outside.PNG Taleem inside.PNG Adab-e-islami.PNG Islamic Etiquettes.PNG Arkan ins.PNG Ziday.PNG Dusman.PNG


Some of his famous quotes (from his speeches) are:

  • "Love with the humanity and selflessness shall bring peace in the environment."
  • "Every Human being should be respected; because it is the creature which is loved by Almighty Allah himself, utmost."