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Syfy logo
NetworkNBCUniversal International Networks
Picture format1080i HDTV
(downscaled to 16:9 576i for the SDTV feed)
Sister channels13th Street
CNBC Europe
DreamWorks Channel
Movies 24
Sky News
Former namesSci-Fi Channel
Channel logo, 2010—2017

Syfy (in some countries named Sci Fi) is a family of pay television channels that broadcast programming owned or licensed by entertainment NBCUniversal around the world using the Syfy brand which is focused on science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural and paranormal programming. The first such channel was launched in the United States on 24 September 1992. It was originally named "Sci-Fi Channel". In 1995 it kicked off in the United Kingdom, followed by the Netherlands and Belgium in 1996. The name Syfy was officially adopted on 7 July 2009, and most were renamed Syfy Universal by 2010. Exceptions to this renaming scheme included Syfy USA, Syfy UK, Syfy Germany, Syfy France, Syfy Latin America, Syfy Spain, Syfy Portugal and future Syfy Channels in Canada, Cyprus, Israel, Nordic countries, South Africa, Turkey and now defunct and replaced SF Australia, which was formerly Sci Fi Channel Australia. The Sci Fi Channels in Poland, Serbia, Slovenia and future Sci Fi Channels in Austria, Baltic countries, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Slovakia and now defunct Sci Fi Channel in Romania and Russia, became Sci Fi Universal due to syfy having a profane meaning in Polish. In 2017 the channel got rebranded but the Universal suffix was already dropped.[1]

The list of Syfy or Sci Fi channels around the world[edit]

Channel Country or region Launch year Shutdown year
Syfy, formerly Sci-Fi Channel United States 1992
Syfy (Asian TV channel) Asia July 1, 2008 2017
Syfy (Australian TV channel) (wholly owned) Australia 2014, replaced SF 2019
Syfy (British and Irish TV channel) United Kingdom and Ireland October 1, 1995
Syfy (Dutch TV channel) Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders) 1996-1998 as Sci-Fi Channel, re-launched in 2007 July 1, 2016
Syfy (French TV channel) France December 16, 2005
Syfy (German TV channel) Germany and Switzerland September 1, 2003
Syfy (Latin American TV channel) Latin America April 1, 2007
Syfy (MENA) Middle East and North Africa July 6, 2016 2019
Syfy (Portuguese TV channel) Portugal December 6, 2008
Syfy (Russian TV channel) Russia May 30, 2008 February 28, 2013
Syfy (Spanish TV channel) Spain and Andorra June 1, 2006
Sci Fi/Sci Fi HD (Japan) Japan April 1, 2008 March 31, 2010
Sci Fi (Polish TV channel) Poland December 1, 2007
Sci Fi (Romanian TV channel) Romania December 1, 2007 2012
Sci Fi (Serbian TV channel) Serbia October 1, 2009
Sci Fi (Slovenian TV channel) Slovenia October 1, 2010
SF (Australian TV channel) (part ownership) Australia 2006 2013, replaced by Syfy in 2014

See also[edit]

  • CTV Sci-Fi Channel, a Canadian television channel that shows most of Sci-Fi Channel/Syfy's programming


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