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Sygic a.s.
IndustryGPS navigation software
Founded2004; 17 years ago (2004)
Area served
Key people
Michal Stencl (founder), Martin Strigac (CEO)
  • Sygic GPS Navigation
  • Sygic Travel
  • Fuelio: Gas log & costs
  • Speed Cameras & Traffic
  • Sygic Truck GPS Navigation
  • Sygic Professional Navigation
  • Sygic Fleet Work & Job Dispatch
  • Automotive SDK
Number of employees

Sygic (/ˈsɪk/ SYE-jik[1]) is a Slovak IT company of global automotive navigation systems for mobile phones and tablets. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia. It became the first company to offer navigation for iPhone and second for Android.[2] In 2015 Sygic reached milestone of 100 million downloads of its consumer Sygic GPS Navigation navigation app, today it has more than 200 million users worldwide.


Sygic navigation systems work on mobile phones and tablets with GPS. The systems use screen and audio signals to provide door-to-door information for well-oriented travel live traffic & police radar/speed camera warnings, parking places, and gas prices suggestions.

Sygic GPS navigation focuses on its wide usability.[3] It can be used both online and offline, runs on Android, Android Auto,[4] and iOS, Windows Phone operating systems, offers maps for more than 290 countries in the world and operates in more than 50 languages.

Sygic navigation uses 2D & 3D maps from TomTom for both online and offline use.[5][6]

Users of Sygic GPS navigation can download maps to their devices and use them when they need navigation but have no internet connection. Sygic optimizes data download sizes to allow users to use maps offline while using the minimum amount of memory on their devices.[7][8]

Sygic delivers its GPS software worldwide in more than 30 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Russian and many European languages. In 2016 Sygic created a translation project on Crowdin "dedicated to localization of Sygic app to all languages."[9] Project localization is open to the public that can contribute to Catalan, Urdu, Persian, Malay, Tamil, Latvian and other languages.

Real-time traffic information is based on TomTom Traffic. Traffic information is collected from more than 400 million drivers and updated every 2 minutes. "GPS data is collected from connected personal navigation devices (PNDs), commercial fleet GPS devices, mobile phone signals, road sensors, journalistic data, smartphones, and car dashboard systems."[10] Users do not report anything - the data is collected upon user's agreement and are anonymous.

Business segments[edit]

The Sygic brand is well known not only to common users (cars, recreational vehicles) but also to professional drivers (trucks, buses) and company fleets (logistics, emergency, delivery).

In B2B, Sygic is active in the UBI and Automotive segments. It provides navigation and driver performance solutions for transport and logistics, emergency, post and parcel delivery, and car insurance. More than 2,000 business customers from all over the world already utilize Sygic’s services – including Amazon, DHL, and Hermes.

For the Automotive segment, Sygic has been pioneering mobile to car mirroring technology. It supports all of the currently available car connectivity standards. Sygic offers customized solutions for any instrument cluster or In-Dash hardware in a mirrored or embedded version. The current top partners are Ford, Toyota, and Ducati.

Products/ Mobile applications[edit]

Sygic GPS Navigation: World-class GPS Navigation for drivers includes high-quality 3D maps, free regular map and application updates, voice navigation, predictive routing, real-time traffic, speed limits, fuel prices, as well as innovative add-ons like real view, a head-up display, or dashcam.

Sygic Truck Navigation: The most downloaded offline GPS navigation app for professional drivers with premium quality maps and routing. It is designed for Trucks, RVs, Caravans, Buses, Coaches, and Vans.

Sygic Travel: Powerful trip planning, detailed maps, and worldwide travel video guides in the most advanced resolution in a single app.

Fuelio: Android app to track your car expenses, auto service, your fill-ups, fuel consumption, mileage, and gas costs/gas prices.


The company was founded by Michal Štencl, Martin Kališ, and Peter Pecho. Michal Štencl led Sygic as its CEO until the end of 2017. In January 2018 Martin Strigač, the former Vice President of Sygic Enterprise Solutions, has taken over the CEO position.[11]

In 2009 Sygic became the first company worldwide to offer GPS navigation for iPhone.[12]

In 2012 it became the most installed offline navigation app with 18+ million installations.

Two years later, Sygic entered into a partnership with Bosch and Jaguar Landrover in line with Sygic's vision to disrupt the automotive navigation business through apps.[13] [14]

In 2015 the company reached a milestone of 100 million downloads of its navigation app.[15]

To expand its services to travel planning and travel management, in 2016 Sygic acquired Czech startup Tripomatic.[16] In the same year, Sygic GPS Navigation became the best-selling GPS Navigation app, taking 49% of navigation category revenue on Google Play and iTunes combined.

Achieving the milestone of 200 million installations in 2017 has made Sygic GPS Navigation one of the top world's Navi apps.

In 2019 a base of Sygic Truck Navigation users had surpassed 2 million professional drivers and 2 thousand fleet users globally.

Electric Vehicle mode has been a part of Sygic GPS Navigation since 2020.[17] It enables users to plan routes with charging points and get real-time data from the stations. At the same time, Sygic GPS Navigation became the 1st navigation in the world with integrated payment for charging.[18] Currently, there are up to 300,000 charging points in the EV mode, and further network expansion is expected. Sygic is one of CharIN Association members advocating for one universal charging standard - Combined Charging System (CCS).[19]

In 2020 Sygic became a member of the Coalition for App Fairness.


Sygic has been honored by Deloitte as the:

  • 6th Technology Fastest-growing Technology Company in Central & Eastern Europe for the years 2007 and 2008[20]
  • 2nd Technology Fastest-growing Technology Company in Central & Eastern Europe for the year 2009[21]
  • 3rd Technology Fastest-growing Technology Company in Central & Eastern Europe for the year 2010 and #143 in EMEA[22]
  • 15th Fastest-growing Technology Company in Central Europe in 2011[23]
  • 287th Fastest-growing Technology Company in EMEA region for 2012[24]
  • Real-time Traffic Lights add-on for Sygic GPS Navigation awarded as a top CES 2020 innovation[25]

Privacy concerns[edit]

NRK (Norwegian national broadcasting service) published a report about Sygic and dozens of other mobile apps sharing data with partners said to have been shared with data brokers like Gravy Analytics, part of Ventell for purposes like fraud detection, law enforcement, and national security. Nor Gravy Analytics nor Ventell are partners of Sygic, and there is no proof of the fact that the source of the data referred to was Sygic.[26]

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