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Sylvain Cypel is senior editor at the French newspaper Le Monde.[1]

Cypel is the holder of degrees in International Relations, Sociology and Contemporary History.[1] Cypel, whose father, Jacques Cypel, editor-in-chief of Unzer Wort (Our Word), the world's last Yiddish-language daily newspaper until it was closed down in Paris in 1996,[2] was a leader of the Zionist movement in France.

Cypel lived in Israel for 12 years.[3] He studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was a member of Matzpen. In 1970, together with Menahem Carmi, he split away from Matzpen, and established the Workers' League (commonly known as Avantgarde, trotskist movement).[4]

In 1998 he left Courrier International magazine where he had worked for five years as editor-in-chief, and joined Le Monde as deputy head of the international section.[1][3] He is currently Le Monde's New York correspondent.[5]


  • Cypel, Sylvain (2006). Walled: Israeli society at an impasse. ISBN 9781590512104.

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