Sylvester G. Clements

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Sylvester G. Clements (born May 1, 1936) is an American Republican politician, dairy farmer, and businessman.


Born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Clements graduated from Aquinas High School in 1954 and served in the Wisconsin National Guard. Clements was a dairy farmer, truck driver, and businessman. He served on the La Crosse County, Wisconsin Board of Supervisors and on the Washington Town Board.[1]

Legislative service[edit]

He was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly's newly created 94th District in 1984, defeating Steve Doyle by 10,959 to Doyle's 10,190.[2]

He ran for re-election in 1986, but was unseated by Democratic former Assemblyman Virgil Roberts, in a race tight enough that a recount was held. The final vote was 8,794 for Roberts to 8,603 for Clements.[3]

West Salem School Board[edit]

He now serves on the school board of the West Salem School District.[4]